What 15 Beauty Products Looked Like 100 Years Ago


We will never stop attempting to improve our appearance and look younger. On any given Monday, the average morning beauty routine takes 76 minutes, and by Friday, it’s down to 19 minutes. But, thanks to contemporary technology, we no longer need to sleep with hair curlers in overnight to achieve a stylish haircut.

1. This hair drier appears to be a little larger than it is.

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2. Beauty masks from the 1930s until the present

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In the 1930s, beauty masks looked like this.


These are modern face masks.

3. The concept of a stationary hair dryer remained the same, but the design was altered.

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4. Hair styling then and now

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5. 40s mascara vs. today’s mascara


6. An anti-cellulite machine in 1928 and now

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7. Indoor tanning in 1930 and currently

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8. Hair ironing in the past and now

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9. Cleaning and peeling back then and now

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10. In the 1930s and presently, instant tanning

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11. A lipstick tool in 1930 and presently

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12. Before and after dental braces

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13. Drainage and rejuvenation in the past and present

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14. Facial plastic surgery changes from the 1930s to today

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15. Rhinoplasty before and after

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Which of the beauty equipment has evolved the most over time? Do you know of any more odd things that our grandparents found appealing? Please let us know what you think!

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, Cristina Pop / Unsplash