Why More and More Men Are Starting to Wear Makeup


There are several different ways that men use makeup today, ranging from a light skin moisturizer and transparent lip balm to vivid eye shadows and false eyelashes. Although male makeup still seems taboo for many individuals, this trend now seems to be on the rise, and we see more and more men with beauty products on their faces, both at red carpet events and in daily life.

Men used makeup hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Yeah, there is nothing new about male makeup, and we can trace its roots back to ancient Egypt, where men would add oils and fats to their skin to shield it from the heat of the desert and harsh sunlight. Upper-class citizens of ancient Egypt had their eyes mostly lined up. You’ve probably seen pictures of the kings of Egypt with their eyes densely lined with black kohl.

Under the influence of those who conquered them, like the Egyptians, men from ancient Rome were also encouraged to use lipstick. As it was frowned upon by society, Roman men did not wear vivid makeup. They would instead wear light perfume, remove some hair from their bodies, and often whiten their ears.

Men were into powdering their faces during the times of Queen Elizabeth I, and in the 17th century in Japan, male actors from the Kabuki theatre would wear eye-catching makeup with bright red and black lines on a thick white background made with the aid of rice flour. To get closer to modern times, we must mention the old Hollywood era that introduced male makeup to the big screen.

Although wearing makeup is not new for men, until recently, it was mostly actors and musicians who wore makeup to make their looks more eye-catching and vibrant on-screen and on stage. Today, we see more and more men in their daily lives using beauty products as well, so why is male makeup now on the rise?

More male beauty products are appearing on the market.

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Yeah, since ancient times, men have been using cosmetics, but until recently, there were very few beauty items made specifically for men. Things are changing now as more businesses produce male cosmetics and sell these beauty products in their shops at men’s beauty counters. Men may, of course, use conventional women’s makeup, but some might still feel awkward. So, the more men are allowed to try them on their faces, the broader the range of male beauty products.

It looks like the male audience is a massive opportunity for the beauty industry to expand, and it is thought that in the near future we will see more male-targeted and gender-neutral cosmetics. Large brands are launching specially created collections for men. For example, Chanel’s Boy De Chanel collection provides a wide range of beauty and skincare items for men to create a natural look, including moisturizer, foundation, concealer, eye pencils, lip balm, and nail polish.

There are more male makeup influencers.

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Makeup artist Manny Gutierrez (Manny MUA)

This huge increase in male makeup use would probably not be appropriate for male crafted beauty products alone. There must be individuals who motivate others not to be afraid of prejudices and to try something different. Manny Gutierrez, Jake-Jamie, Gabriel Zamora, and James Charles are just a few famous makeup artists who, with thousands of men and women, share their beauty tips.

By Jake-Jamie

By Jake-Jamie

3. By Manny Gutierrez


4. By Manny Gutierrez


5. By Manny Gutierrez


Despite their gender, we embrace the notion that makeup should be embraced by all people, and we expect to see more and more gorgeous masterpieces of makeup in the near future. What are you thinking? In the comments, let’s talk about makeup!

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