Wife Goes To Hospital To Claim Husband’s Dead Body, Finds Out He Had The 2nd Wife


It’s hard to imagine the pain families of COVID-19 patients, particularly those who have lost a loved one to the virus, will have to go through during this time. Not only did one such family go through the pain of losing a member, but they were also brought face-to-face with a piece of terrible news.

A woman found out that her husband had married another woman and betrayed her after he died from COVID-19 in a hospital in the province of Mansoura in Egypt, according to a Gulf News report.

The husband, who lived in the village of Mit Mujahid in the province of Dikirnis, was admitted to Al Sadr Hospital in Mansoura, located 120 km north of Cairo, after showing serious symptoms of pneumonia. He was subjected to 2 COVID-19 tests-the first one showing negative and the second positive.

His compromised immune system combined with COVID-19 caused his death and underlying health conditions.

Once the hospital called his family to ask them to accept the body, the second wife arrived too, surprising the first wife and her children. The 32-year-old woman has revealed how she has been married to the guy for many years and they have 2 children as well. The first wife realised how her deceased husband used to spend time with his second wife when telling her that he had to fly for work.

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A few witnesses reported how the two wives had a quarrel. The first woman declined to claim the body of her husband and reportedly said, “The game is over, I couldn’t even look at him.”

Nevertheless, the second wife underwent a coronavirus swab test which proved positive. She was then transferred to hospital for isolation.

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The coronavirus affected this family in more than one way!