Wild parties, naked girls and a lot more—meet Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon, Australia’s self-titled Hugh Hefner

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“I am a cross between The Great Gatsby, Hugh Hefner, The Wolf of Wall Street and Tony Stark, with a taste for Versace, who can easily turn into a Willy Wonka character”.

That’s how model-turned businessman Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon, a self-anointed playboy from Australia, described himself to The Sun.
If the above introduction about the gentleman doesn’t pique your interest, we don’t know what else can.

Who is Travers ‘Candyman‘ Beynon?

Born in March 1972 in Melbourne, Beynon is the heir and managing director of the FreeChoice tobacco empire that was launched by his parents Trevor and Sandra, who live on the Gold Coast. Free Choice tobacco claims to have more than 200 stores around the country. Beynon’s worth is pegged at £39 million (nearly $50 million).


The 46-year-old who owns Australian tobacco chain FreeChoice came under the spotlight last week when he was slammed by critics for sharing photographs of women posing in the buff with permanent tattoos of his company logo.

In a video published on Instagram, he is spotted keenly watching one of his girlfriend 21-year-old Krystal Kime, who is seen getting his company’s name emblazoned permanently on her derrière.

Prior to this, Beynon has been slammed openly for his Instagram page that is inundated with photos of several naked women and a few men sporting ‘FreeChoice‘ tattoo (his tobacco company’s name), with equal rights campaigners, screaming hoarse about how it looked as though Beynon ‘owned’ them.But it’s not his tobacco empire or the marketing gimmicks associated with his company that gets Beynon the attention from the world.

The ostentatious business mogul, who has his hands in real estate too, is known for his extravangant and raunchy parties that he frequently throws at his £3-million worth six-bedroom luxury pad ‘Candyshop Mansion’ in Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The flamboyant magnate who is the owner of a fleet of luxury cars including Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis, and Ferraris, however, faced severe backlash for the first time when he posted photos of women, including his wife crawling on a leash like a dog.

Beynon is married and has four kids, but still likes to sleep around with ‘babes’, as he calls the women, and even claimed to have bedded four girls a time on an average.

“In bed, there are four girls as an average. I often don’t get much sleep,” Travers told Ocean Road Magazine.

“I think I come up with a new position every week. Bedroom time isn’t for me… It’s to stimulate the girls. To be good in bed it’s not about you. When you’ve got one girl, that’s one thing. When there’s multiple, there’s so much going on in my mind,” he explained.

Beynon has been married twice— the first wife was Miss World 1991 winner Ninibeth Beatriz Jiminez Leal, with whom he had two children, Valentino, 18, and Lucciana, 15.