Woman Dresses Up As Bhool Bhulaiyaa’s ‘Manjulika’ In Delhi Metro, Video Viral


Delhi residents are renowned for engaging in a variety of bizarre behaviours. Delhi is well-known for a variety of things, from its unique speech patterns to its fondness for momos. The Delhi metro is one of the numerous things that allow people to observe the various degrees of odds from all areas of the capital city.

Woman Posing As ‘Manjulika’ In Delhi Metro, Video Goes Viral

A recent video going viral online features a woman posing as “Manjulika” during a regular day at the Delhi metro. The woman is seen entering the metro in the video, which is quickly becoming popular online. She is wearing a traditional Indian dancing outfit, some jewellery, dishevelled hair, and sloppy facial makeup.

The woman’s disguise as Vidya Balan from the enduring Akshay Kumar film Bhool Bhulaiyaa was immediately recognised by onlookers. She was performing as the spooky “Manjulika” as she wandered the metro ghoul. She approaches peacefully seated individuals and even terrifies a young child who is sitting next to his parents.

The cosplayer then presents herself as someone who has noticed a man occupying a seat meant for ladies. She taps the man’s shoulder again while acting irate and hostile, but he is still absorbed in his phone and headphones and barely notices her. Then, the man sees the spooky cosplayer and immediately takes off.

The ‘Manjulika’ woman then takes a seat and continues to act like the character.

Check out the video below:

The Stunt Was Not Taken Well

Manjulika’ In Delhi Metro

The majority of people on the internet were against the woman’s small act. Many felt compassion for the individuals who were forced to witness the pitiful deed while they were exhaustedly making their way home from work. Speaking in jest, one person said, “Woh usually bhi bol sakti thi ke “women seat hai bhai uth” lekin nhi,” while another asked, “Any idea which headphone is that??” in reference to the man’s headphones in the video.

“How scripted do you want the reel to be?” a commenter asked, pointing out that the brief performance was obviously staged. Creator, indeed. Commenter Mumbai metro me try karo questioned whether the act would have been possible there. I’m not eligible, Didi ko khade hone ki jagah. “Chaata Maro Ek aur 50 rupees Kato overacting ki,” one user commented, while another just laughed, “This is my mum when I tell her that I lost her Tupperware bottle.”