Woman Got Fired For ‘Pulling A Sickie’ After Her Boss Sees Her On TV At England’s Semi-Final Win


The manager of a lady was furious when one of his employees who had requested sick leave appeared on TV among the cheering spectators during the semi-final play. Nina Farooqi’s day had come to an end, as she was dismissed the next day.

The 37-year-old worked at Composite Prime in Bradford, West Yorkshire, where he provided decking and cladding services.

She was working as a digital content producer when she called in ill to catch a train at lunchtime.


When England scored their first goal, the TV camera zoomed in on her and her friend’s faces, which were shown around the world. They also made an appearance on TV host Stacey Dooley’s Instagram story.

Sadly, the company’s director stated that she left them with “no choice” but to fire her. While driving back to work, Nina got a call from her supervisor at 6 a.m. informing her of her firing.

The director revealed that for the evening’s final, they’re giving their short-staffed employees Monday morning off.


“It’s a fantastic time for everyone in England,” director Charles Taylor told DailyMail. “If given the possibility, we would have urged attendance to such a vital football match.”

“Unfortunately, our employee lied on this occasion, taking one day off sick on Wednesday, July 7th, to attend a football match.”

He said that it was a violation of her contract and that they place high importance on employees who do not take advantage of their policies.

Nina admits that it was a last-minute invitation from a friend, and she would “do it all over again.”


She stated to the Daily Telegraph, “They said they noticed I was at the game, and I explained why I did it. But I received no sympathy, and they told me that was the end of it. That is their decision and the result of what I did.”

Nina confesses that she was disappointed to lose her position, but football was her passion, and her daily work as a photographer and video producer for the men’s team and the Women’s Super League enabled her to pursue her passion.

There were almost 60,000 people in the stadium, and she hadn’t expected her face to be that visible.


When she checked her phone during halftime, she noticed her face was on a screen halfway around the world. “This hasn’t come around since 1996,” Nina said, recalling how she felt conflicting emotions after losing her job but being able to attend the match that day. “I vividly remember crying on my mum’s sofa when Gareth Southgate missed his penalty, and the football fan in me simply couldn’t do it.”

They were also captured in the throes of excitement on Stacey Dooley’s Instagram Story.


Nina was fired, but she claims that her female football buddies are lining up to provide her with freelance work.