Woman Lets Husband Pick Her Outfits For A Week And Its Hilariously Crazy


Women may have a greater understanding of the uneasy feeling of not being able to pick an appropriate attire for an occasion despite having thousands of options. Despite our frequent complaints about having nothing to wear, it’s usually because we can’t decide which dress is appropriate for the occasion.

Well, one woman did just that, and the findings of her experiment are presented to you. For a week, Colin was entrusted with producing outfits for his wife, Caitlyn.


Well, it’s possible that this will no longer be an issue. What if you delegated this onerous duty to someone else? Don’t worry, you won’t be the first to do this. Caitlyn did precisely that, and she delegated the responsibility to Colin, her husband. For a week, she let him pick her attire. That week, he discovered a lot about her from the darkest parts of her closet. As a bonus, she learnt a few fascinating facts about her husband.



On this particular day, I went through my wardrobe and picked out a white dress with green designs after a few minutes. She preferred a dress suit because it was a responsible day. Colin remarked, “Everything is covered, no one will stare, and it produces a spring vibe.” Caitlyn had a business meeting with her partners, and Colin stated, “Everything is covered, no one will stare, and it generates a spring mood.” People looked at her, and some even complemented her on her amazing imagination.



Caitlyn had a sneaking suspicion that the bus band had a thing for bright colours on the second day. ‘When the day forecasted sunny, he wanted her to look like the sun,’ he continued. Colin secretly preferred this “bag with homes engraved on it” to the old bag, which he thought made her look ancient.



An anniversary was approaching, and the two had planned to mark the occasion with a romantic supper. They planned a romantic meal at their house. He chose a revealing black dress for her instead of a full-length gown. That night appeared to be their first date.



She hadn’t worn this red gown in quite some time. She had entirely forgotten about it after losing it at the back of the closet. She didn’t like red and thought it was too short on her. Colin, on the other hand, enjoyed it.

Despite the fact that he sent her to her parents’ supper in the dress, her husband’s compliments gave her courage.



Colin chose an attire that was very different from her original plan for a meeting with her parents. Colin wore a jumpsuit, which she regularly worn to picnics or outings to the countryside, while she wore a neat green frock and dark shoes.

It was a very relaxing suit. It looked great when worn with a cap.



This was a family stroll day, and Colin was dressed to the nines. As he experimented with different accoutrements, his mind ran wild. He also sent his own clothing, claiming it was cute on her.

Well, the missus was overjoyed, and the walk went off without a hitch.



Despite the fact that Colin had no plans for Sunday, he wanted his wife to look nice and feminine. She allowed her to wear a black outfit that she admired. It turns out she was hunting for the ideal opportunity to wear it. She eventually found the perfect one, and she and her spouse have a wonderful life together.


Caitlyn was taken aback by how much he was in charge of everything. He dressed her in clothes that made her smile every morning.


She also has some simple but extremely useful fashion advice for everyone, such as the fact that you don’t have to wait for the appropriate moment to wear an evening gown or shoes with a T-shirt. If you feel at ease in this, don’t wait a second; if you feel confident in this, don’t wait a second; if your husband looks at you with devotion in his eyes, don’t wait a second. At least one day, ask your partner to pick out an outfit for you. You’ll be astonished by what you find.

Source: Brightside