5 Women Kamal Haasan Was In Love With, But Is Alone Today At 63


3. Sarika

Kamal began distancing himself from Vani, and by early 1980s he started seeing an upcoming Gujarati actress, Sarika who was also known in Bollywood. When the news of their infamous relationship reached Vani ears, and after that the couple started living separately. Due to this separation, Kamal started getting more close to Sarika and his marriage with Vani was in trouble. And all of a sudden, surprise news of Sarika’s pregnancy out of wedlock came. Sarika then gave birth to her first daughter Shruti Haasan in 1986, while Kamal was still married to Vani. This sent ripples across the industry but Kamal had no effect as he was happy in his live-in relationship with Sarika. As societal pressure started pouring in Kamal divorced his wife Vani in 1988, to formally marry Sarika. In 1991 Sarika and Kamal went on to have another daughter, Akshara Haasan.

Everything was fine between Kamal and Sarika until Sarika caught kamal flirting with Gautami, who was Sarika’s best friend. Also, Kamal’s frequent contact with Tamil actress Simran didn’t go unnoticed by Sarika, and it is said she was deeply disturbed by it. It is said that Sarika went into depression after that and even attempted suicide. Later in 2004, Kamal and Sarika got divorced ending their 16-year long relationship. It was a quite shock for Kamal fans as their marriage was quite a serious one.

4. Simran Bagga

It was during the early 2000s, Kamal shared the screen in a couple of films with the popular Tamil actress Simran. It is reported that Kamal and Simran became quite close while shooting for the film Pammal K. Sambandam. The duo had a huge age difference of 22 years but that didn’t stop Kamal falling for her.

However, Kamal relationship with Simran was a quite short one and Simran moved on to marry another man.