5 Women Kamal Haasan Was In Love With, But Is Alone Today At 63


5. Gautami

After his divorce with Sarika, Kamal went ahead and started a live-in relationship with popular Telugu actress Gautami Tadimalla. It is said that Kamal was in a relationship with Gautami while he was married to Sarika. Both Kamal and Gautami had worked in several films together in the 1980s and 1990s. Kamal and Gautami decided to move in together in 2005. The duo stated that they do not believe in the institution of marriage, and preferred to be in a live-in relationship.

Kamal and Gautami always stood with each other. While Gautami battled cancer, Kamal always stood by her side. But this relationship too ended when on November the 1st, 2016, Gautami surprised everyone with her blog post stating that she has ended her 13-year relationship with Kamal Haasan.

A paragraph of Gautami blog post reads:

It is heartbreaking for me to have to say today that I and Mr Haasan are no longer together. After almost 13 years together, it has been one of the most devastating decisions that I have ever had to make in my life. It is never easy for anyone in a committed relationship to realise that their paths have irreversibly diverged and that the only choices in front of them are to either compromise with their dreams for life or to accept the truth of their solitude and move ahead. It has taken me a very long time, a couple of years at the very least, to accept this heartbreaking truth and come to this decision.

The precise reason for their separation was never out, but according to people close to Kamal and Gautami, they were going through a tough time in their relationship for a long time then they decided eventually for their division.

There is a famous saying as well. “Love never fails. People fail in love”