Women Who Have Befitting Response For Sexist Men


Sure, women are entitled to insult patriarchal men who can not value others whatever their gender. Is it difficult to perceive all human beings as … human?

Already, we have people we ‘re just not interacting with. Maybe it’s the contrasting view, maybe it’s the way you have different goals in life. But it is super easy to understand that it is due to your lack of desire to value others and not to be sexist and to apologize genuinely when you have hurt them.

You didn’t give birth to a maid, lol.

Since 1925.

Condition is simple. Be a decent man.

Nice guys also never call themselves ‘nice’.

Carrying on that legacy.

Good boys won’t do bad. Bad owners do.

Sorry, I don’t even know why I know you.

Nobody asked for your opinion.

Please make this come true.

Since it’s been historically proven over and over again.