Women Who Talk Too Much Live Way Longer, According to a Study


Consider it excellent news the next time someone complains about how much you talk. Experts believe that extensive communication not only helps you build and foster deeper social ties and express yourself more correctly, but it may also be a predictor of a long life expectancy.

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It is a widely held scientific belief that the length of our lives is determined by our genes. Some researchers are even looking into a gene known as the “longevity gene,” which is responsible for more efficient DNA repair. According to new research, our longevity is influenced not only by our genes, but also by how often we talk.

A group of experts from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Yeshiva University in New York investigated how the quantity of words we utter affects our life expectancy. They discovered that talkative, chatty people have a higher quality of life and live longer because they exhibit more tolerant, positive, and hopeful behaviours and ideas.


Dr. Nir Barzilai, the study’s director, looked at the association between their personalities and their genomes in 250 older persons between the ages of 95 and 100. The results of the personality test were amusing: people who thought of themselves as more upbeat also liked to talk a lot.


They aren’t the only ones who have come to the same conclusion. In his book, We Are What We Speak, Spanish psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos reveals that persons who speak more than 15,000 words per day live longer than those who speak fewer. “Talkative” people, according to Dr. Rojas Marcos, have a greater sense of fulfilment, are healthier, and live longer.

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His findings may support studies that explain why women live longer than men, because women tend to speak more due to high amounts of FOXP2, often known as “the language protein,” in their bodies. Scientists believe that greater levels of FOXP2 cause women to speak 20,000 words per day on average, compared to 7,000 for men. There’s a difference of 13,000 words worth noting.

Are you a chatty person who enjoys hearing good news? Or do you think heredity still has a bigger impact on life expectancy? Leave a comment below to tell us why!