Magic is the use of extraordinary methods to manipulate natural forces. The skills of any magician lie in the capability to keep you numb in the hypothesis of their next trick. Magicians have the ability to do things which challenge all the laws of the universe.

In this post, you’ll get to know the secrets behind the world’s greatest magic tricks. You’ll learn the magic tricks performed by the greatest magicians of all time like Houdini, David Copperfield, Dynamo or Darcy Oake.

And once the secrets are revealed you’ll be astonished to see how these easy magic tricks can be performed.

So Here Is The List Of The Magic Tricks!

1.Canon a card

Making a can stand on a card is an incredible magic but not when you know the secret behind this magic. You must have seen the balancing acts of many magicians but can on a card is something which is very amazing. So let’s see the secret behind it. The magician takes any can and places it on the top of any card and does some magical act. The can now appear to stand on top of the card but when you have a close look at the card you’ll that there are two cards stuck together which is folded from the center that forms a T shape which makes it possible for a can to stand over it.

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2.Houdini’s Greatest Escape

In this magic trick, Houdini had to escape an exceptional implement which looks like a fish tank. This tank is filled with water and Houdini places his head down in front of the audience. The secret revealed behind Harry Houdini’s escape has been revealed as the handcuffs which belonged to Harry Houdini were found to have been altered to allow him to easily unlock them.

Magic, Magician, Trick, Reveal, Levitating Trick

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3.Turning Water Into Ice In A Second

We know that water freezes at 0 °C. But the magic performed by your favorite magicians show something else. This is nothing but a simple science trick which can be believed. The scientific term behind this magic is known as super-cooling and in normal terms, it is the process of lowering the temperature of a liquid below its normal freezing point, but without it actually freezing.

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4.Jamie Raven’s Lemon Trick

In the show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Jamie Raven gave Alesha Dixon a present in a box and asked her to sign a special BGT banknote. He then transformed it into a note telling Alesha to look in the box he had given her. When Alesha opened it she found another box inside which contained a red drawstring bag which had a lemon.  Jamie then cut the lemon which had the note Alesha signed. This magic trick had amazed everyone.

Magic, Magician, Trick, Reveal, Levitating Trick

Here Is The Trick

But the reality was that there was a hole in the lemon and his palms were seen through it which implied that Jamie had inserted into the lemon.

5.Darcy Oake’s Dove Illusion

Magicians have been using doves in illusion. Darcy Oake has our focus on the fire and the feather while he uses his other hand to pull out the dove from his jacket. He has four doves, a bird and an egg in his jacket. He has a collapsible wire cage in his right sleeve that is expandable. He makes it appear and hides the movement when the flames appear. Every time when something appears, he does something with one hand and uses his other hand to pull out the appearing animal. The second dove is not a real one but a fake plastic bird which the magician hands it to his assistant immediately. The woman hides in the cage which has a hidden compartment. You can see a horizontal line when the magician tilts the cage towards the viewers. In reality, the cage is half the depth which enables the woman to hide behind it.

Magic, Magician, Trick, Reveal, Levitating Trick

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6.Girl Levitating In Air

Everyone might have seen the magic in which a girl is floated in the air and a ring is passed around her to make the audience believe that it is not supported by rods. The secret of this trick which is very popular among street magicians lies in the cleverly hidden support, which is the reason why magicians who perform it stand in a way which perfectly hides the end of their rod.

Magic, Magician, Trick, Reveal, Levitating Trick

7.Twisting An iPhone

Magician Dynamo does a lot of magic tricks with the iPhone and the most popular of them is the one in which he twists the iPhone in half. He takes a regular iPhone, holds it in his hands, and then twists the bottom part of the phone right in front of the viewers. You must be wondering how does he do that. The trick is very simple. He does not actually flip the phone. He cuts off the top half of an identical iPhone and secretly holds it in his left hand. After this, he takes the viewers phone and adjusts it in the place and sticks a small strip of a double-sided tape on the front of any viewers phone. People are not able to see him since they stand in front of him. Next, all he does is flip the phone. The top half gets covered with his own prepared half that he taped on, and the bottom half shows the viewers screen.

Magic, Magician, Trick, Reveal, Levitating Trick


8.Walking On Water

Walking on water is one of those magic tricks every great magician wants to take an attempt at. Dynamo shocked many casual spectators when he walked right across the Thames trying to ignore every known law of physics until he was picked up by a police boat in the middle of the river.

Magic, Magician, Trick, Reveal, Levitating Trick

So, how does one walk on water? The trick revealed behind this magic is that it is performed only in unclear or muddy waters. The magicians make sure to place a glass or clear plastic platform which is invisible to the audience.

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9.Card From Deck Levitation Trick

This magic trick involves a spectator who selects a card and keeps it back in the deck. The card is shuffled in the deck and made to rise out of the middle of the deck by itself. The secret of the trick is that the magician controls the card chosen by the spectator while shuffling. They then use any finger to levitate the card out of the deck and make sure that they have a slant at the top of the deck. They hold the finger one inch above the deck and slightly lift it up by secretly using their little finger to slide the deck.

Magic, Magician, Trick, Reveal, Levitating Trick

We have revealed the secret behind it! As the spectator’s card is slid up to top of the deck the magician pushes it into the slanted top edge of the deck. When it is near the middle of deck they push down on the card with the finger so that it is firmly pushed in the pack. When they turn the pack round to show the spectator that their card is actually in the middle of the deck, they use their other hand to push up the deck from below it.

10. David Copperfield’s Death Saw

This is one of David Copperfield’s stunning trick. In this death saw trick, the magician is cut into two and his top and lower parts of the body get separated and are on two different wheeled trolleys. This track ends with the wheeled trolleys put together and the magician becoming whole again.

Magic, Magician, Trick, Reveal, Levitating Trick

The secret is now revealed behind this magic trick. The magician’s legs and feet are of another man. The magician switches the positions and when the trolley is put together the man moves quickly so that his feet are in the correct position.

Watch the video here!

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