‘World’s Most Expensive Trash Bag’ Released By Balenciaga; Netizens’ Hilarious Reactions

Expensive, trash bag, balenciaga, released

We’re all guilty of treating ourselves to a pricey item because it caught our eye occasionally.


Some people would consider this to be a brand-new pair of sneakers or perhaps a high-end handbag. But I doubt many people would want to invest their hard-earned money on something that would be used to remove the trash.

But it’s evident that the staff at Balenciaga, who recently unveiled the “world’s most expensive garbage bag,” are in disagreement. Yes, you did read that right.

After all, I’m sure we’d like to do it with a little extra glitz while we’re taking the trash out! It is encouraging to learn that consumers can spend $1,790 (£1,470) on the cownskin Trash Pouch given the ongoing expense of living problems.

The item was introduced back in March as trash-carrying models strutted down the runway amid a staged blizzard.

Expensive, trash bag, balenciaga, released

Additionally, there was a message of support for Ukrainian families who were fleeing the Russian fighting, but I’m sure those impacted could find more productive ways to spend almost £1,500.

Demna Gvasalia, the creative director behind these bags, told WWD in statements reported by the Independent that she “couldn’t miss an opportunity to produce the most expensive garbage bag in the world, because who doesn’t enjoy a fashion scandal.”

The calfskin leather pouches, which resemble plastic trash bags, are available in black, blue, yellow, and white hues. The emblem of Balenciaga is discretely printed on the front.

Gvasalia has a history of creating products that are overpriced, as seen by the absurd $1,850 (£1,500) price tag he placed on a pair of damaged and filthy sneakers. This was reportedly met with scorn in China, and it’s also not being looked upon too warmly in South East England, where this writer dwells!

Fortunately, based on the countless responses that agree on Twitter, this writer is not alone in thinking that the product is completely ludicrous.

Expensive, trash bag, balenciaga, released
Trashy but classy? The white “Trash Pouch” has red drawstring ties like the kitchen essential.

One remarked, “I feel wonderful even if the world as we know it is ending.”

Another person wrote in jest, “If you don’t see the beauty in the Balenciaga trash bag, you just don’t understand fashion. The price is only $1,790.

You wouldn’t use them much here right now either because of the frequent bin strikes in the UK.

Maybe where Demma lives, garbage and recycling pickups happen considerably more frequently.

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