WTF! An Adult Clip Was Played At Rajiv Chowk Metro Station!


An adult video clip was played on a newly installed screen at Rajiv Chowk metro station here on Saturday(Today), with the video being circulated on social media.
However, when presented with the clip, Delhi Metro refused to acknowledge the blooper and said the screen was under commissioning with a private contractor.

 Here’s how Twitter users reacted after this clip went viral
“The DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) is not aware of this clip. However, this LED screen was under commissioning and testing by a private contractor and the same is still under commissioning. The work is still not completed,” Delhi Metro spokesperson Anuj Dayal said in a statement.

“We will check all the details of the testing and commissioning process of the contractor to establish whether any such clip was played on the LED screen at Rajiv Chowk station and take adequate safeguards and action,” the statement said.