WTF! Indians Are Confusing Snapchat With Snapdeal & Uninstalling It


Social media is no more only confined to facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.It’s a lot more than that.More popular is showing angriness by boycotting anything.The latest one is #boycottSnapchat hashtag trend.

When the former employee of Snapchat alleged that the CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel, once said that he didn’t want to launch his app in poor countries like India and Spain as his app was meant only for rich people. There was a huge ruckus on social media after this news went viral; however, we must remember that it has not been proved so far that Evan has actually said so and it is just a statement by a former employee of the company who is fighting a case against Snapchat. Besides that, the spokesperson of the firm has clearly denied these allegations.

It was reasonable for Indians to get angry after this but what was more frustrating was that they were discharging their anger out on the e-commerce firm, Snapdeal, getting confused between Snapdeal and Snapchat, as they have a little similar name. They are giving one rating to Snapdeal app to take vendetta from Snapchat.

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