Viewers upset after “World’s Hottest” Weather girl quits job

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Yanet Garcia is also a successful model, regarded as the “Hottest” weather girl in the world. Up until recently, she has often characterized her work as a reporter as her “dream job.”

The journalist, who has more than 12 million followers on Instagram, broke several hearts by announcing that she was retiring from her job on Mexican television station Televisa Monterry.

Yanet made this decision with her boyfriend to spend more time. Nevertheless, another popular figure known as the “Latin Barbie” would replace her.

Aleira Avendano would replace Yanet at the job, also known as “Latin Barbie.” The 29-year-old won the name for her beautiful looks. She has also admitted publicly that she has had a spectacular 38 cosmetic surgery to perfect her body and looks.

She underwent operations on almost every part of her body. Yanet’s devoted fans, however, did not take the news that she was kindly replaced.

“Who can replace Yanet’s talents?”Tweet, one viewer. “I can’t believe Yanet is being replaced by this girl!”Another was lamenting.

Aleira may have cut out her job for her, but hopefully, she will soon be able to conquer her critics and win hearts.