The Internet is a place where it just takes a day to make someone famous and viral. People who are lucky enough get on the positive side of it and become celebrities and other just get the publicity. Recently the same happened with an Indonesian mother when the pictures of her 50th Birthday went viral on the internet.

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Her son Dani Hadi posted a picture of himself with Puspha Dewi (Mama Hadi) holding a cake with a big 50 candle on it. At first, people got confused as no one was looking at that age in the picture. Soon people read the caption and it said, “To my wonder woman: Happy Birthday Mom. Stay pretty and awesome! Love you always! “

Yes, the lady in the picture is 50 years old. You too wouldn’t have been able to guess the age of this Indonesian mother. Same alike, many people were awestruck by her beauty and weren’t able to believe that she is a mother of two young children and is 50. Her family even runs a business in Jakarta called Hadi KitchenHere are some more photos of the Indonesian mother which prove that she is an ageless woman.

1. She Got The Face Of A Teenager And Is Miraculously Fit For A 50 years old. 

2. This Indonesian Mother Looks The Youngest Of The Family. 

3. She Has Got All The Traits Of A Model. 

4. A Family Dinner Time.

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5. She Emphasises On The Positive Attitudes  For Being Healthy. 

6. She Follows Rigorous Routines Of dancing, aerobics, Zumba, and even body weight exercises.

7. One Of Her Son Has Graduated And The Other Is About To. 

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8. One With Devid Beckham. 

9. The Indonesian Mother Has Got 300k+ Followers On Instagram.

10. Her Face Never Speaks Of Her Age. 

11. She Is Ageless!

12. Guess How Many Years She Has Been Married? The Answer Is In The Picture. 

13. She Knows How To Kill With That Smile. 

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