The Founder Of Zerodha Is A Super Fit Gym Enthusiast

Photo: © Nithin Kamath (Main Image)

‘Zerodha’ is a name familiar to anyone who isn’t living under a rock and keeps track of their expenses. Zerodha is India’s largest retail stockbroker, with over 5 million active customers generating more than 15% of daily retail transactions across all Indian stock exchanges.


However, we are not discussing financial planning or the stock market in this article. Mr. Nithin Kamath, the co-founder and CEO of Zerodha, is the subject of our attention. Nithin, 42, turns out to be a die-hard fitness fanatic who never misses a workout!


While Nithin has always been health-conscious, it was a famous selfie that he posted that catapulted him into the spotlight in terms of fitness. He ended up sharing it not only on Instagram, but also on Twitter and LinkedIn, causing everyone to pay attention.


Nithin claimed in a YouTube video that he began exercising actively when he was unable to play basketball due to breathing and wheezing problems. To cope, he began to pay attention to his health, which became into a passion. As a foodie with a great sweet taste, he says he tries to do everything in moderation.


When it comes to his schedule and diet, he like to eat early dinners, usually between 6.30 and 7 p.m. He also enjoys a drink or two every now and then, but the moderation aspect keeps things in check. He also noted that he has trouble sleeping at certain times and for long periods of time, but that he has been working on it by turning off all of his devices by 8-8.30 p.m., as this is one of the most important aspects of recovery when attempting to gain muscle.

Nitin Kamath Wife Seema Patil


Nithin begins his day with coffee just before his workout, followed by oatmeal and whey protein. Then he takes egg whites and vegetables with water from a tender coconut for breakfast. He drinks a glass of fruit juice with the fibre in it around midday, without straining it. He normally gets dal and quinoa for lunch, as he switched from rice to quinoa a while ago because it makes his gut feel better. He eats some nutritious cheese and crackers in the evening. Dinner for him is frequently non-vegetarian, and because he enjoys fish, it consists primarily of fish and veggies. He changes his diet on a regular basis.

Nitin Kamath Wife pics | Nitin Kamath Wife Seema Patil Pics


Seema Patil, Nithin’s wife, is also a fitness enthusiast, and the two frequently work out together to achieve their health objectives.

Zerodha Co-Founder Nitin Kamath’s Net Worth | Nitin Kamath’s Net Worth

Zerodha Co-Founder Nitin Kamath’s Net Worth Jumps to Rs 25,600 Crore in the year 2021.

All we can say is that we’re blown away! If he can find time to concentrate on his fitness objectives despite his hectic schedule, we can all find time for ours! Sir, well done! We congratulate you!