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Peyton is an American role model and actress. List starred as a young child in numerous films and TV shows, based on tween magazines and businesses. Peyton’s age on record is 21. The net value of Peyton List is $7 million. Peyton list More than 16 million followers on Instagram. You’ll get addicted to this sexy beauty by Peyton List Hot.

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Born in 1998 as Peyton, on April 6th, Peyton List is an actress and a model from Florida, USA.

In addition to playing the part of Holly Hills in the film series, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Peyton is well known for her portrayal of Emma Ross in the Disney Channel comedy series, Jesse, as well as his spinoff series, Bunk’d.

When Peyton was a young child, in addition to modelling for the tween magazine and other companies she made her appearance in many films and television episodes.

Peyton was cast in the Jessie series in 2011, in which she acted as Emma Rose, an elderly sibling of three other children, all cared for by a young nanny.

She went to P.S when Peyton was still a child. 58, Carroll Elementary School, while attending her middle school at the New Voices Academic and Creative Arts School in New York City. Peyton graduated from Oak Park High School in California City in 2016.

Peyton reappeared as Emma Rose in his later spinoff series, Bunk’d, in the year 2015. In the year 2016, Peyton appeared for the character role of Ellie O’Brien in the Disney Channel Original Movie, The Swap.

In 2011, Peyton appeared as a model in the Justice magazine, before which, during the year 2009, she was also featured as a cover model in the American Girl’s, Back to School issue.

Peyton has been living in New York City since March 2011, with her family. Once Peyton was seventeen-year-old, his family moved to Los Angeles City.

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Peyton’s age on record is 21. Net worth Peyton List is $7 million. Peyton list More than 16 million followers on Instagram. Peyton Hotness will cause you to become addicted to this sexy beauty.