10 Movies which were Made to Watch to Without Your Parents

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It can be a real pleasure to watch movies with your friends. You get to describe the plot to them a thousand times and you get to witness the eternity they need to eat a tiny butter-free popcorn but sprinkled with a smuggled flavouring mom in her pocket.

But wisely choose the movie, or else their sound popping up the tab on a canned soda won’t be your only source of muh chana. Yeah, but that does not only apply to theatrical movies! You know well that your parents at home will give you retribution, and it doesn’t always have to do with their habits. There are plenty of reasons for not watching other films with your parental units, including the awkwardness of circumstances.

Ragini MMS

It’s not recommended to watch this film with parents because of the scenes in the film. A man’s plans to have fun with a woman at his lowest point have been portrayed in a very poor taste. The material and film are not really worth the humiliation one has to go through when spending the entire 93 minutes of misadventure time in the film.


Well…. well what is it about’ Jism’ when it was published that created a sensation in B-town? There were some nice scenes between Bipasha Basu and John Abraham in the first episode. The second instalment struggled at the box office but you should wait for a dose of Sunshine, of course!

Masti (series)

A sleaze-fest created to keep the director occupied and satisfied with out-of-work actors is full of double-meaning characters. This film should also be avoided not only by parents but also by movie buffs as with each sequel the standard has just some grande dialogues and serves as an excuse for leg show and nothing more.

Gangs Of Wasseypur (Series)

The movie that launched Anurag Kashyap, Nawazuddin Siddique into the mainstream orbit of recognition is loaded to full desi. The combination of gory ladai, Gali language and scenes with strong content and even stronger content made it a huge success. The movie was a revelation on the silver screen but sadly this cinematic genius cannot be enjoyed with our parents.


The sole purpose of this movie and its sequels were to keep Tusshar Kapoor busy. Comedies films can be promising genres but sadly this film disappointed on so many levels that I have lost count. The sub-standard double-meaning jokes, Tusshar’s exposure this movie will destroy the bond we share with our parents if they came to know we even watch this kind of thing.

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