10+ People Who Defeated Bad Habits and Are Now Unrecognizable


On the Internet, you can find thousands of informative posts about how to easily lose weight, or how to give up smoking or drinking. But the inspiration and energy to change their bodies, goals and their whole lives can only be found by a few individuals. We have gathered positive examples of people in this article who managed to defeat their bad habits and come out on top.

About 300 lb to 150 lb. Oh hi, waistline!

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“I’ve got a way to go but I’ve lost over 170 pounds.”

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“I’m half the age of the woman I was last year and I feel 100 lb lighter than before now.”

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“I’ve decided to stop actively trying to lose weight now and focus on maintaining after being told by the doctor that I’m healthy all around It’s so nice to have my jawline back.”

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A pair that stays together to get fit together!

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“70 lb down in 12 months, and 3 months drug and alcohol-free!”

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“Down 170 lb in 2 years. 2 months removed from surgery for removal of endometriosis. You should, ladies, do it. The pain, I understand!”

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First of all the son lost weight and it inspired his dad. The net loss of weight came to 213 lb.

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Discipline, discipline, and composure are a consequence of 75 lb lost.

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666 days without a drink, losing 100 lbs, running 1,450 miles, and 4 weeks without a cigarette

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It took her 2 years to lose 150 lb.

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“I’ve worked so hard to lose more than 12 in from my waist in the past year. It’s been a little surreal watching myself disappear.”

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