10+ Pics Prove That Sometimes Your Eyes And Brain Can Lie


You’ve seen some people use their images to do tricks to make themselves look like they are floating. You can also do one on your own as it’s a classic shot to take with friends at the beach! But the ones you see below are truly magical and will get you going, “Wait, this wasn’t an edit? ”

Sunbathing man

Cats have nine lives and here’s an example of what they do with it.

A double-headed chihuahua?!

When you’re a bit obsessed with Minecraft.

So, hi, Mr Crow. How was the game?

It looks like a very heavy hint from the universe.

A merged selfie.

Day 14 of quarantine and I can’t take it anymore. I’m gonna jump… off the wall of this hallway.

Here’s a castle on a platter.

Such a gorgeous pile of cloud in a basket.

Bruh, how did you get an ice-cream- oh, okay.

Cat at perfect timing.