10 Pictures That Can Annoy the Entire Internet


Not everyone can be flipped out by crookedly laid tiles on a sidewalk — most of us don’t even pay attention to things like this. But life is full of little annoyances, which can even get on the nerves of those who don’t consider themselves perfectionists. For example, when a girl sitting in front of you on a bus or plane flips her long hair back over her seat. Or when a package marked “fragile” is delivered in a crumpled box.

1. Thanks, post office, thanks a lot.

© brabbers / reddit

2. Moving with this elevator must be quite a challenge.

© felibb / reddit

3. No tea will be good enough to compensate for the annoyance from the look of this kettle.

© Piximus.net

4. I just want to go home, no adventures, please!

© Brianna / American Upbeat

5. Not coming here again!

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6. Who thought it was a good idea to put them in one pocket?

© ReverendShitlord / imgur

7. When you wanted to eat pizza, but your fate wouldn’t let you.

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8. “Well, at least now I know why it’s a bad idea to dry a keyboard in the oven.”

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9. Somebody really flipped out…

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10. Somebody has to drive through here every day…

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