I Did Bodyflex for 15 Minutes Every Day, and Here’s What Happened to My Body


I visited my native town 6 months ago for a high school reunion. For years, I had not seen my schoolmates! And I was anxious because time wasn’t kind to me. I was now bearing wrinkles, cellulite, and 25 extra pounds! But my life changed that evening, and it was completely fateful for me. I met my future husband in the first place! It pushed me to think about Bodyflex, secondly.

Bodyflex is an exercise device invented by Greer Childers, the American housewife and mother of 3 girls. After giving birth to her third child, Greer became severely overweight. Greer pursued several different weight-loss strategies in the face of issues in her personal life, along with poor self-esteem and the failure to choose a desirable wardrobe. But none of them seemed to yield tangible results.

It occurred to me the same thing. In half a year, I lost 30 lb, launched my own company, and last but not least, I got married!

Here`re the results of my friends:


Vacuum exercise


Bodyflex breathing is the most critical part of this. You will get better outcomes if you breathe correctly. The vacuum workout is based on Bodyflex. The exercises all start with this. Follow this guide to executing the correct breathing cycle in order to do it properly:

1. Boat


The inner surface of the thighs will be tightened by this workout. Remember that with the breathing cycle, all body flex exercises start.

  • Lie down as seen in the photo with your legs wide apart.
  • Lean back the legs and work before the next break, the breathing period.
  • Tilt your body forward and take 8 seconds to catch your breath. In front of you, palms should be spread out, shoulders lowered and the stomach retracted.
  • 5 times to repeat.

2. Pretzel


For the waist, this is an easy workout. It will also help you to relax the lower back and reinforce the thighs’ outer surface.

  • Lie down on a carpet and cross your legs so that you have the left knee over the right one.
  • The right leg should, horizontally, be held as straight as possible.
  • Place your left hand behind your back and put your right hand on your left knee.
  • Perform a period of breathing.
  • Shift the weight to your left arm, pull your left knee with your right hand upwards and towards your body, and turn your body to the left before you can look around. Keep for 8-10 counts in this place.
  • Exhale and unwind.
  • 5 times to repeat.

3. Leg stretching


This routine will stretch the hamstrings perfectly and tighten the backs of the thighs.

  • Lie flat on your back and pick up your thighs, drawing your toes toward yourself.
  • With your hands, support your legs.
  • Without raising your head, perform the breathing cycle.
  • Push the legs towards yourself during a breathing pause before a “pulling” feeling is felt under the knees. Eight seconds to hold.
  • 5 times to repeat.

4. Diamond


Lots of women worry about the inside of their hands. This workout will allow you to tighten them and get rid of additional centimeters in circumference.

  • With your feet shoulder-width apart, stand up straight.
  • Put your left-hand fingers together with your right-hand fingers.
  • It is important to lift your elbows parallel to the floor. The back can be rounded slightly.
  • Until you pause, perform the breathing cycle.
  • Rest your fingers on each other’s fingers as much as possible with one hand and don’t lower your elbows. Eight seconds to hold.
  • Relax and inhale the breeze.
  • 5 times to repeat.

5. Side stretching


This workout allows you to remove extra fat from your waist.

  • Stand in the “basketball player position” and until a pause perform a breathing cycle.
  • Lift your right arm and pull it over your head and over your ear, over your hand. You should feel how the body’s whole lateral surface stretches. Keep for 8 seconds in this position.
  • Take a break and unwind.
  • On the right line, repeat 3 times and on the left 3 times.

6. Leg back

Perform this exercise to get rid of the fat behind the buttocks and tighten it.

  • Get on all fours on the rug.
  • Perform a loop of respiration.
  • Raise the back of your right knee. It is important to make the toes perpendicular to the floor. For 8 seconds, keep the spot.
  • Lower the knee, then inhale.
  • For the right leg, repeat 3 times and for the left leg 3 times

7. Cat


Have you done body flex before? In the comments, share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit lidia_inestroza / Instagram

Illustrated by Leonid Khan source