Ever since Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Bin back in 1998, it has changed the whole world. Now, we cannot think of a life without this search engine. Almost every work we do these includes Google in one way or the other. And one cannot deny the fact that some people literally search for weird things. Google, every year, comes up with a list of the most searched things. In one such list, it made it known to the public what women search for when alone. And trust me, some the things included are weird to the core.

Here are things which women search on Google!

1. “Steps to lose weight easily”

Losing weight and finding ways of doing it can easily be found in the search history of every other person. One of those things which everyone wants to get without hard work.


2. “How to cut my own hair?”

Women are way too possessive about their hair. If you check their search history, you’ll get to see a lot of things related to beauty and hair products. And this one question is also found in almost every other women’s Google history.

3. “Let me google myself”

If out of all the things mentioned on this list, if you haven’t done this, what are you even alive?

Most searched thing on google

4. “How many cats or dogs can I have?”

Women love pets. Well, most of them if not all. But it’s not easy to keep a pet, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. And hence, they keep Google busy by asking such questions.

5. “Will this make me pregnant?”

Pregnancy is one of those things which can easily scare anyone. And due to lack of sex-ed classes, women keep searching things about pregnancy on Google.


6. “How to find if my boyfriend is loyal to me or not?”

You will easily find this in almost every women’s search history. And the sites who write listicles with such topics are to be blamed for it. But at times, they help as well.

7. “What healthy things to eat?”

Everyone wants to be health conscious these days and hence, they search and look for things to eat with fewer calories. This goes for both men and women.

8. “Is it possible to buy wine in bulk?”

This is the weirdest yet one of the top things women search on google. And somewhere or the other, the question is valid. Because at times when you plan a party and have no idea about such things, Google comes handy. 

9. “Steps to increase my social media followers”

It cannot be denied that people really want to gain fame through social media sites. And so, be it, men or women, they search high and low on Google to know various things to gain more followers.

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10. “How to twerk?”

Twerking took the whole internet by storm. Everyone wanted to twerk and hence were googling ways of doing so.


11. “How can I get a unicorn?”

Who doesn’t love Unicorns? Ever since we got to know about them, we want one ourselves. This craving for a unicorn is more when it comes to women and hence, they search on Google how to get one.

12. “Why are my periods late?”

Periods are serious things and it is okay for women to get scared if they are late. Google search helps in this regard.

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13. “Tattoos”

Be it, men or women, everyone looks up for tattoos on Google every once in a while. And hence, it eventually comes in the category of top things searched.

14. “Irregular periods”

Periods when irregular can lead to harmful infections and diseases. So a woman can be seen searching for irregular periods on Google.

15. “Is it okay to consider inflatable dolls as passengers in the HOV lane?”

Trust me, if I have no idea what this is. And you can’t really complain. Ever since JayZ started calling himself HOV or high occupancy vehicle, the weird number of things men and women search on Google related to HOV has increased.

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