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Bharti Jha Web Series: The well-known actress, model, and social media influencer from India is Bharti Jha. With her first web series, the Doraha ullu web series, Bharti has captured the hearts of many viewers. In this online series, Bharti Jha plays the lead role. People began looking for Bharti Jha’s upcoming web series online as soon as the web series was released.

Bharti Jha Web Series (November 2023)

Upcoming Bharti Jha Web Series

Bharti was so well-liked by the public that everyone began searching for her and her web series on Google. Below is a list of Bharti Jha’s well-known web series.

Doraha Ullu Web Series 2022

The tale of Ratna and Shekhar is known as Doraha. Shekhar and Ratna just got hitched. On his honeymoon, Shekhar boarded a train and left Ratna. Shekhar’s family members discover that he has fled the house when dawn arrives. Ratna’s family members start to worry.

Ratna knows Shekhar has left the house when she exits the room. Does Ratna begin to wonder who was in the room with me the previous night if Shekhar wasn’t there?

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You came to my room last night, Ratna asked her brother-in-law Vivek the following day. I spent the previous evening in my room, Vivek informs his sister-in-law. You and your father were the only two guys in this house last night, according to Ratna, who told him. If you weren’t there, it implied that your father was in my room.

When Vivek hears this, he responds, “I was with you last night.” Knowing this, Ratna exclaims to Vivek, “I want this love.” The love between Ratna and Vivek only lasts a few days. One day, Vivek’s family members arrange for their union. Veena is the bride that Vivek weds. After Vivek’s wedding, Ratna begins to experience depression.

Shekhar returns suddenly to his house one day. His family members are happy to see Shekhar. When Ratna sees Shekhar, she is unhappy. Ratna starts to gain Shekhar’s trust.

Shekhar is introduced to Veena, Vivek’s wife. When Shekhar sees Veena, he is surprised. Then, we find out that Veena is the girl for whom Shekhar left his house. You can watch the Doraha ullu web series to find out what will happen next. In the Doraha web series, Bharti Jha portrays Ratna.

Yes Mam Hunters Web Series 2023

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This is the tale of a brand-new female instructor who enrols in a cutting-edge institution. This teacher is attractive and alluring. She attracts the attention of all the college males and the gent’s teachers. Watch the next episode of Hunters app’s web series to find out what happens next. Yes, sir. In this online series, Bharti Jha plays the part of a student. In this online series, she will be seen romancing a female co-star.

Babu Ji Primeplay Web Series 2023

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This is the tale of a household that includes a father, his two sons, and their spouses. The father had an accident one day, which caused him to go blind. Taking advantage of this, both daughters-in-law begin having affairs with their husband’s father.

Farebi Yaar Ullu Web Series 2023

Bharti Jha’s upcoming projects

The tale of Sugandha and her husband is presented here. Sugandha and her husband relocated to a new city. Nikhat, a girl, resides close to Sugandha’s new home. A contemporary girl, Nikhat.

Sugandha Devar visits her home one day. He develops feelings for Nikhat, and they start dating physically. Sugandha becomes enamoured with him, but she does not experience the same satisfaction from her husband, and as a result, she begins to rely on her brother-in-law for comfort.

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Paglet Season 3 Primeplay Web Series 2023

Bharti Jha Web Series List Watch Online (November 2023)

This is the tale of a mentally challenged young man named Nikku. With his mother, sister, and brother-in-law, Nikku shares a home. Nikku’s sister and sister-in-law like using her for their own amusement.

Sauda Hunters Web Series 2023

This is the tale of a workplace with a boss. Before promoting a worker, the boss spends one night with his wife.

Dhanno Doodhwali Cineprime Web Series 2023

This is the tale of milk vendor Dhanno, a young woman. Dhanno’s life experiences lead to her being a criminal.

karonaa Primeplay Web Series 2023

Bharti Jha Web Series List Watch Online (November 2023)

KaroNaa Web Series Cast: Drama, romance, and fantasy web series on PrimePlay App KaroNaa will soon be released. If you have seen this web series and are interested in learning more about the cast, you have come to the right place. In this post, we have provided the Cast, Actress Name, Story, Release Date, and all other relevant information about the KaroNaa Web Series.

Aunty Ka PG Cineprime Web Series 2023

Rain Basera Ullu Web Series 2023

Bharti Jha Web Series List Watch Online (November 2023)

Rain Basera Web Series Cast, Story, Wiki complete details: A web series in Hindi called Rain Basera is available to watch on the Ullu App. Pradeep Ghonsikar was the show’s director for the first season. On April 7, 2023, the series was made available. Bharti Jha, Hiral Radadiya, Kailash Vyas, Litesh Pawar, and Raj Kapoor appear in the Rain Basera web series. The whole Rain Basera Season 1 cast, actor, actress, heroine name, premiere date, and episode information is provided below.

Aamras Ullu Web Series 2023

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This is the tale of Vinay, a little boy. Vinay has a lot of Libido, which causes him to start satisfying his physical desires with any girl. How will today turn out? Watch the Aamras ullu web series. In this web series, Bharti Jha plays the part of Bua.

Ghar Sasur

Besharam’s New Fantasy Web Series “Ghar Sasur”

Ghar Sasur: With the release of its brand-new fantasy web series, “Ghar Sasur,” BESHARAM, the freshly established OTT platform, hopes to captivate viewers once more. The Besharam app intends to expand on the popularity of its prior songs, “Damad Ji” and “Adla Badli,” and grow the number of its subscribers with the release of this much-anticipated album. The leading ladies of this engaging online series, which is renowned for its attractive and well-known female casting, are Ashraf Saifee, Kamalika Chanda, and Bharti Jha.

Ghar Sasur Cast

Ghar Ka Call Boy

“Ghar Ka Call Boy” is an engaging web series available on the PrimePlay App. It falls within the genres of Romance, Fantasy, and Drama and features Bharti Jha in the lead role. The series is exclusively presented on the PrimePlay App. The anticipated release date for “Ghar Ka Call Boy” was June 2, 2023.

Matkani Ke Matke Season 2

This is Matkani and Murari’s story. Murari marries a woman named Matkani in his new union. The villagers go crazy for Murari when he and his wife move there. Matkani gains notoriety in the village due to her enormous breasts. Additionally, Matkani’s large breasts raise the possibility that she had an affair prior to marriage, according to Murari’s friends. You can watch Matkani Ke Matke season 2 to find out what will happen next.

Betaab Ishq

Nidhi is heard talking to her boyfriend at the start of the trailer. Nidhi’s uncle Vinod informs him that a close friend’s daughter is spending a few days here in the next scene.

I’m Shanaya, a girl who introduces herself to Nidhi at Vinod’s residence in the following scenario. Next, Vinod approaches the house from the outside and welcomes Shanaya. Shanaya informs Vinod that he will only be referred to as Vinod and not Vinod’s uncle. When it comes to this, Vinod becomes bashful and tells him that all he can say is Vinod.

The following scene shows Vinod continuing to observe Shanaya covertly. Nidhi disappears from the house one day. Vinod leaves his job and returns home. Vinod arrives, and Shanaya immediately begins having sexual relations with him.

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