16 Dads Just Trying To Do Their Best


Dads are one of a kind. They protect you, love you and yes, sometimes embarrass you with their ridiculous dad jokes. Some of these dads are like big kids. Raising children is no easy feat, and these dads do it with a hint of humour to make their little ones happy.

Check out these 16 dads that are trying their best to take home the best dad award.

1. This picture of a dad and his daughter at a convention is too cute. She wanted to be a pink Darth Vader, and he made it happen.


2. When you put a dad in a jungle gym type environment, they basically act like big kids. This dad is having way too much with his young child playing trampoline dodgeball.


3. This is either a ‘time out’ or a safe place for this boy to sit while his dad shops at his favourite store, the hardware store.


4. Dads are full of those awful, but hilarious dad jokes. This dad looks pretty pleased with his literal joke of ‘the last straw.’