16 People Who Are Not Afraid To Show They’re Not Always Perfect


Every one of us has millions of photos on our phones, including those that we want to keep private. Not everyone has the courage to share these images with the rest of the world. Some Twitter users were brave enough to reveal photos that we would have preferred to keep hidden, and even combined them with the slogan “Me vs. Also Me.”

1. Before Vs after the wedding

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2. We are the same individuals.

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3. In public vs. with a best buddy

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4. You don’t constantly have the same appearance.

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5. Love is looking after her.

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6. When you can be a model and a comedian at the same time


7. This is referred to as a miraculous transformation.

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8. At home Vs at public

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9. Going to the wedding Vs coming back

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10. Different people or the same?

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11. Some people are not afraid to show their real side

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12. At party Vs after it

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13. “Me arriving at my boyfriend’s house vs. Me leaving my boyfriend’s house” is number thirteen.

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14. On weekdays Vs on weekends

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15. It takes a lot of courage to portray the genuine side of things.

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16. Instagram pictures Vs real life

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