17 Impressive Stories When a TV-Show Helped People Lose Weight, and the Results Were Worth the Struggle


“My 600-lb-life,” a popular TV reality show, helps obese people lose weight and improve their health. The competitors’ weights on the scales, which are frequently exceeding 600 pounds, astound observers. Millions of spectators can’t help but be interested in how these folks live and deal with their problems.

The Emerging India has compiled a list of 17 incredible transformations that people have gone through. They were able to reduce weight, improve their health, and radically transform their life as a result of the show.

1. Amber Rachdi

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Amber Rachdi was an overweight insecure teen who relied solely on food for comfort. Amber’s weight had reached critical levels by the time she was 24 years old, weighing in at over 660 pounds. She had to move out of her rented apartment and live with her parents because she could no longer care for herself. Her daily diet consisted of four large meals, with plenty of sugar in between.

Amber had to say “goodbye” to this lifestyle when she joined the project. She underwent gastric bypass surgery and began self-improvement. She joined a gym and saw a therapist, and the results were incredible. Rachdi shed more than 88 pounds just six months after surgery, and another 55 pounds a year later. Amber divorced her lover, who didn’t mind her gaining weight, after she lost weight and married another man.

2. Christina Phillips

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Christina Phillips grew up in a home where her parents always fought, so she ate a lot to distract herself from the troubles. She weighed 286 pounds at the age of 12, and more than 660 pounds at the age of 25. The girl got insecure, stopped going out, and became completely reliant on her mother and spouse.

Christina lost 522 pounds in under two years. She underwent a gastric bypass procedure. She does not appear to be stopping there, as she continues to eat good foods and exercise. Doctors are now concerned that Christina will become anorexic.

3. Marla McCants

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Marla McCants acquired an eating disorder as a result of her ex-boyfriend kidnapping her. She was afraid that her boyfriend, who had gone unpunished by the law, would return and murder her. When Marla was 43 years old, her ex-boyfriend was apprehended. She was already addicted to eating and weighed 793 pounds at the time. She didn’t get out of bed; instead, she fried chicken in it.

Marla came to the realisation that she didn’t want to be discovered dead in her own apartment, surrounded by food. And a blood clot occurred when she was relocating to Houston, so she was terrified and resolved to battle for her health and a new life.

4. Donald Shelton

© Donald Shelton / facebook© Donald Shelton / facebook

In four years, Donald Shelton went from 674 pounds to 295 pounds. He underwent gastric bypass surgery, but physicians discovered he had Guillain-Barré syndrome during his treatment. Donald is confined to a wheelchair due to his disease, which prevents him from engaging in any physical activity. Donald, on the other hand, has not and will not give up.

5. Melissa D. Morris

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Melissa D. Morris was one of the first people to join the My 600-lb-life programme. She was a woman who wished to start a family. However, she was unable to conceive due to her excessive weight – she weighed 652 pounds. Melissa lost over 154 pounds thanks to gastric bypass surgery, dieting, and a lot of physical activity. This enabled her to realise her ambition of becoming pregnant. Her weight began to recover after her pregnancy.

Melissa shed 176 pounds after cutting her daily calorie intake to 1,200 calories when she reached 273 pounds. She now watches what she eats and how much she eats with her family, is very active on social media, and encourages others to live a healthy lifestyle.

6. Chuck Turner

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Chuck Turner had never had weight issues before his wife was murdered, but that all changed when she was slain. Chuck tried to numb the sorrow by eating a lot of food after the catastrophe. Only when he weighed 692 pounds was he able to come to a halt. He remarried and had a son as a result. However, the dad was unable to assist his wife in raising the child because he could barely stand and had a tumour on his leg. Chuck shed over 418 pounds as a result of the initiative and transformed into a completely different person.

7. Susan Farmer

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Susan Farmer wished to lose weight and her protruding belly. It was like escaping from a prison she had created for herself as a result of her eating condition. Susan underwent gastric bypass surgery and, with the guidance of professionals, adjusted her eating habits. She also began to engage in frequent physical activity.

She lost 407 pounds as a result of her efforts. Susan was surrounded by friends who allowed her to swim in their pool. Susan’s first purchase after having the excess skin removed was a pair of pants. She hadn’t worn jeans since she was in middle school.

8. Nikki Webster

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Nikki Webster was 33 when she recognised she had a severe food addiction and that her life was in jeopardy. It all began when her parents let her eat anything she wanted without intervening. They even delivered meals on dishes to her room. She weighed 649 pounds by the age of 33, and she could barely stand and get up without assistance.

Nikki’s father finally took her to the hospital for gastric bypass surgery, but she had to shed more than 45 pounds on her own or she would die. She changed her diet and did a lot of exercises after undergoing psychotherapy. She shed an additional 198 pounds, fell in love, and married. Her current weight is 235 pounds, and she lives a healthy lifestyle.

9. Paula Jones

© Paula “Sunshine” Jones / facebook© Paula “Sunshine” Jones / facebook

Paula Jones was afraid that her children would be left alone if she couldn’t get out of her body on her own. She had shed a lot of weight on her own before the gastric bypass surgery and weighed 268 pounds afterward.

She had the additional skin removed as well. Paula now weighs 198 pounds, maintains a healthy diet, leads an active lifestyle, and encourages her Instagram followers to reduce weight and overcome similar challenges.

10. June McKaymee

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After her son died, June McKaymee began to acquire weight. The woman was attempting to cope with her sadness through eating, and her husband aided her without hesitation. He used to bring June big dishes of steak, cheese, sauce, burritos, and nachos, but he stopped when she reached 595 pounds. June was terrified after that and sought assistance from professionals when she realised she needed to fix this life-threatening condition. She currently weighs 300 pounds after gastric bypass surgery, dieting, physical activity, and psychotherapy.

11. Brittani Fulfer

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Brittani Fulfer was overweight and feared that her spouse would be embarrassed by her. She did, however, spend 6-8 hours a day eating and lounging in bed. Because Brittani had thyroid cancer and immune system issues, losing weight was more difficult for her.

This diagnosis, which she received when she was 19 years old, added to the difficulty of reducing weight. Brittani, on the other hand, managed to pull it off. With the help of professionals, she was able to lose 332 pounds in three years. She overcame her food addiction and is now working to reclaim her health.

12. Diana Bunch

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Diana Bunch was raised in a large family with several children. Her mother was frequently ill, and her father’s work was frequently lost. The issue had an effect on Diana’s mood at home, making her feel insecure. She believed that no one cared about her and that she had no value. The young lady wished for some attention. Diana was sexually harassed by two teens when she was 11 years old, and the stress left an indelible mark on her psyche. She couldn’t tell anyone what had happened, so she began to eat excessively to distract herself from her difficulties.

Diana had gained 335 pounds by the age of 40 and had lost her job. Her niece did the grocery shopping, and her friend Tracy came to help her take a bath several times a week. Diana reached 600 pounds and could no longer walk after 15 years of such a lifestyle. She was afraid that due of her weight, she would one day fall asleep and never wake up, so she chose to battle for her health and life. Diana lost 222 pounds after overcoming several obstacles, including surgery, and changing her eating habits.

13. Zsalynn Whitworth

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When Zsalynn Whitworth decided to reduce weight, her husband was not on board. He claimed that he like large women and that if his wife lost weight, he would no longer like her. He even tried to ruin Zsalynn’s plans, refusing to buy lettuce for her, for example.

Zsalynn divorced her marriage, met a new love, and continues to improve her health after a year of battling additional weight.

14. Lupita Samano

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Lupita Samano was bedridden for many years due to her weight, and her husband Gilbert looked after her. Constant humiliation, insults, cheating, and drinking were the price of caring. And as Lupita became a contestant on the show and began to lose weight, her husband’s attitude toward her deteriorated with each pound she lost. He became enraged and uneasy as a result of his jealousy. Lupita now weighs 209 pounds and is in a new relationship.