18 Pics That Can Bring Some Sunlight to Your Day


It is scientifically proved that exposure to sunlight raises serotonin levels in the body, making you happier, calmer, and more focused. However, there are other ways to make yourself feel better, and one of our favourites is to gaze at lovely and sweet images of kids and animals. Even on a cold night, they can certainly brighten our hearts and spirits.

We doesn’t want you to go a day without feeling happy, therefore we’ve compiled a list of 18 images that will undoubtedly make you smile.

“Eyelashes FOR DAYS!”

© VaBookworm / reddit

“A paper shredder needs to rest for 18 hours a day in order to function correctly!”

© LeniRiver / reddit

“Here are our meatballs and spaghetti!” His mother deserves full credit for the costume.”

© StackinBodies89 / reddit

“I’m an expert at sit.”

© Egyptian_Thunder / reddit

“Look at my rabbit proudly chewing on his basil.”

© lyracr0w0 / reddit

“I couldn’t stop myself from dressing up our 2-year-old triplets like hobbits for Halloween.”

© Wolfie305 / reddit

“From a litter of smooth-haired dachshund puppies, this is the sole long-haired puppy.”

© humongousvolcano / reddit

“All I need now is for more people to notice how adorable my son is!!”

© aggravated-asphalt / reddit

‘So, what exceptional qualities do you have that might help you with the job?’ says the interviewer.

© yomommafool / reddit

“Welcome to Jurrasic Park.”

© punchyredpanda / reddit

“I rescued a stray kitten, and my cat has already taken on the role of big brother for it.”

© TCoffeeBean / reddit

“My son will be one year old soon, and while reflecting on the past year, I came across a photo of his first smile.”

© Embrieka / reddit

“When my mother-in-law realised that the squirrels she feeds usually came from the same area in the bushes, she built an arch for them.”

© Listen2MeDifferently / reddit

“This is my newborn daughter striking a photo-op posture.”

© PelicanParker / reddit

“After a day in the park, a pupper is exhausted.”

© engrish_is_hard / reddit

“I enjoy supporting and assisting my children in their development. ‘Dad, may I help?’ my kids might ask. I say yes.”

© crazyunicorntamer / reddit

“Pay attention, because today’s lesson is about why you should not eat your poop.”

© TalongSisig / reddit

“I’m renewing my dad’s membership with a 2 for 1 punch card!”

© Siniroth / reddit

What is the one photo on your phone that instantly makes you feel better and happier when you glance at it? We’d love for you to spread the good thoughts to everyone else as well!

Preview photo credit VaBookworm / reddit