20 Photos That Prove Boys and Girls Live in Two Parallel Worlds


You have shown your friend the thing they were desperately looking for for for the tenth time and it was right in front of them. We’ve developed a theory they can’t really see because it’s only in your mind. But when you find it out, it brings it into their universe and they can see it all of a sudden. But if you still aren’t sure that men and women come from different terms, we’d like to give you some more striking facts.

20. “My girlfriend says that I own too many video games. I sent her this.”

19. “My wife asked me what colour I liked the most.”

18. Her husband wanted to cheer her up when she was giving birth.

17. “My girlfriend uses a timer to wake up instead of an alarm.”

16. “Look at the way my wife leaves the eggshells in the carton instead of throwing them into the trash.”

15. “I spent the whole afternoon installing this. My wife, ladies and gentlemen.”

14. “I’m not sure if my wife understands what freezer bags are for.”

13. “Wife decided we needed a HEPA filter in our bedroom. She picked it out and set it up. She said that she didn’t think it worked. I decided to change the filter 6 months later…I blame myself.”