21-Year-Old Australian Influencer Left with “Forehead Horns” After Eyebrow Lift Goes Wrong


This storey originates from Sydney, Australia. It’s about Jessie Carr, a 21-year-old influencer who underwent a brow lift treatment called the Fox Eye Thread Lift, which is designed to raise your brows like a fox, as the name suggests.

However, her treatment went tragically wrong, leaving her with bulging forehead margins that resembled horns. She paid roughly $2000 for the treatment and expected fantastic results, but it backfired and she ended up regretting it.

Jessie documented the effects of the fox eye thread lift on her face in a TikTok video.

Jessie had her eyebrows lifted in October of 2021. The treatment involves the insertion of biodegradable threads into the skin, and it’s often utilized by celebrities and influencers with fantastic results – but not in Jessie’s case. Her forehead swelled dramatically as a result of the threads.

Jessie made the best of her predicament by posting another video on TikTok in which she joked:

“When you have plans to go out this weekend but realise you’re still gonna look like megamind by then”

Jessie chose to have the threads removed by her surgeons and received a $1100 refund for going through such a traumatic and painful experience. Her threads could be surgically removed or dissolved inside her skin using a treatment called Ultaformer, which she selected.

She shares how it’s not worth it to go through this:

‘It’s definitely not worth it, it doesn’t work and it left me looking botched like this!’

Even though Jessie’s procedure didn’t go as planned, we admire how she maintained a positive attitude throughout the ordeal and managed to get the job done by staying tough. Queen, keep doing what you’re doing!

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Jessie Carr on TikTok

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