8 People Who Transformed Their Trash Into Something to Be Cherished


Any trip to the thrift store with enough imagination will result in an upcycling wonder, and old things around the house can become treasures. You just never know how much fresh life can breathe into old things with some tender loving care, even if it’s garbage!.

1. “I made these 2-tone pants with a bust crotch and another pair from a thrift shop.”

© safety_pin_era / Reddit

2. “The drink tray that I received from a cafe is a carton of reused milk.”

© myfacelookslikeafoot / Reddit

3. That woman changed old pants into a new crop-top.

© SleepingGypsy / Reddit

4. “I’ve taken the 2-piece from rags to riches.”

© potatochild3 / Reddit

5. “One of the old dress shirts from my husband became a dress for my eldest daughter.”

6. This lady who made this over-sized T-shirt a mini-skirt.

© Cheesycrocodile / Reddit

7. “I had this pillowcase upcycled into a dress!

© apclothing / Reddit

8. She converted one sheet of vintage into a pair of trousers.

© rosepettijohn / Reddit