9 Happy Family Rules That Never Work


Spend your free time together

If you want to take a break from each other, do it. Spending time together is important, of course, but you should only do so when you actually want to. Quality is more important here than quantity.


Find an activity you can do together

There’s nothing worse than forcing your partner to share your interests. If he doesn’t like going to the theatre or to exhibitions and you have absolutely no interest whatsoever in sport, then both of you should do your own thing separately. That way, both of you will be full of positive emotion, and that will seriously improve the atmosphere at home.


Don’t argue about little things

There’s no need to pass over all your grievances and complaints in silence. If you do, one day that particular land mine will go off unexpectedly, and then you’ll have a serious conflict. Speak about the thing that you’re not happy about straightaway. Be honest, and you’ll soon learn that many seemingly “forbidden” subjects can be brought to light without arguments and be solved peacefully.

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