A Troll Dropped A Vulgar Remark On Divya Dutt’s Pic, Actress Bashed Him Unforgivingly


Divya Dutta is a name synonymous with powerful screen appearance. If she plays a major role in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, or a minor one, such as in Lootera, she always manages to win hearts and garner applause.

In 2019, the actress shared some photos from a media appearance on Instagram and was trolled for no apparent reason. The actress is wearing white separates in the picture, and the caption reads, “And I wondered what just happened!!!” In the midst of an interview!!!”


Although several people praised her, one person tried to shame her by saying, “Big t**s.”


Instead of ignoring the guy, Divya decided to call out the trolling and educate him. “Yes, man!!!” she exclaimed.  Big t**s!! So?? what do you think? Keep your mouth shut. Stop obsessing about women and objectifying them. There’s so much more to a woman than that. Did you ever catch a glimpse of my smile or the glint in my eyes??? No, I apologise for expecting too much!! it’s gross Please don’t post anything here.”


“Respecting women and treating them right is something that needs to be learned at home and school, and if you still don’t learn, make them stand in the middle of the road and show them,” she said of the incident.

While we have always had the right to speak our minds, the internet has given us forums where a large number of people can hear us, and with the advent of “social” media, we have been given platforms where a large number of people can hear us. Harassment has, ironically, become a major concern in this sense.

Patriarchal norms, bigotry, and sexism have spilled over into the virtual world, wreaking havoc on women in particular. Furthermore, anonymity is one of the reasons that abuse thrives in cyberspace.

Women have started responding to this form of communication and they do not embrace it, which is the right thing to do. It is important that they do not embrace such a violent violation of their individuality.