Aabha Paul Web Series Watch Online (2024)


Aabha Paul Web Series: India’s most well-known web series actress is Aabha Paul. Aabha gained the most notoriety after she starred in “Gandi baat season 3” of ALTBalaji’s web series. Kooku, Ullu, Altbalaji, and other OTT platforms are just a few that Aabha has worked with. Aabha primarily produces romance-themed web shows.

Aabha Paul Web Series 2024

Below is a list of Aabha Paul’s most well-known web series. You can watch these web series if you’re over 18.

1. Gandii Baat Season 3 AltBalaji Web Series

2019 saw the debut of Season 3 of ALTBalaji’s popular online series Gandii Baat following the success of Season 2. This season featured Aabha Paul. Aabha portrayed “Mami Kammo.” She appeared in the episode titled “Harpreet Weds Harpreet.”

2. Namkeen Ullu Web Series

This is the tale of Rajveer, a young boy who is a v*rgin. He’s seeking to lose his virginity. In his society, a married woman by the name of Bobita resides. He develops a fancy for her after observing her and begins to fantasise about losing his virginity to her. Aara, a girl, enters that society all of a sudden.

Rajveer develops feelings for Aara. But Aara’s marriage is eventually revealed to Rajveer. The ullu online serial Namkeen can be watched to determine what will happen next.

3. Mastram Web Series Mx Player

One of the most well-known online series in India is called Mastram. This is the tale of Rajaram, a writer working on a book. Every time Rajaram presents his novel to a publisher, they all reject it and advise him to write something else instead.

Rajaram writes a short story and submits it to a publisher one day. After reading the tale, the publisher decides to publish it. Rajaram rose to fame as a writer and his work, “Mastram,” became well-known.

People enjoy Rajaram’s stories about all the incidents that occur in his life. Watch the renowned web series Mastram by an MX player to discover what happens in his life afterwards.

4. Lolita PG house Kooku Web Series

This is the tale of Lolita, a woman whose husband left her after divorcing her. Lolita, who is a single resident of the home, lacks the funds to cover her mortgage’s EMI and expenditures. She makes her home PG because of this. But nobody ever visits her residence.

She runs her PG business on her stunning appearance and voluptuous body. What issue does PG’s business cause in Lolita’s life? Watch Lolita PG House only on the Kooku app to learn more.

5. Hai Taubba Web Series

Altbalaji is known for his popular online series “Hai Taubba”. So far, Hai Taubba has had two seasons. Each episode of this online series features a unique story. Aabha Paul appeared in the first-season episode “My Husband’s Lover.” In this web series, she portrayed the character “Adhya”.

6. Mona Home Delivery

The story centres on Mona, a pr**titute, and her experiences. As soon as you start viewing it, you’ll feel a lot of anticipation, thrill, and happiness. As the drama plays out, you may watch the web series via the ullu app.

7. X-X-X: Unc*nsored

An ideal blend of desire, romance, and love. This online series is perfect if you’re looking for a variety of goodness in its many forms.

8. Kam*sutra: The Revenge

The popular s*xual movie is based on the Kam*sutra, an ancient Sanskrit word that describes numerous s*x positions. a type of energy that has the power to enlighten your body, soul, and mind.