The career of actresses in the Bollywood industry is considered to be small because, after one age, their beauty begins to fade and actors and directors are more interested in giving a new face to the new faces. Let’s know what Bollywood actresses do after living in movies after doing flops and how much does it cost?

So Let’s Take A Look At How Did These Actresses Make A Living Despite Being Flop In Movies?

1. Diya Mirza

Diya Mirza has recently seen you in the film Sanju. Apart from this, they have no more movies. Still, they live with full glory and shout. In fact, the source of income of Diya is his anchoring through which he earns millions.

2. Eli AvrRam

We will talk first of all Eli AvrRam. In the early years of career, Eli got a lot of fame and even Dabangg Khan Salman was also with him. Despite having two movies, Eli’s career did not reach the heights where she expected. Now Eli earns between Rs 3 lakh and 5 lakh rupees, and for a performance, she charges 6 to 7 lakh rupees.

3. Chitrangada Singh

Appeared alongside with Akshay Kumar in the movies, Chitrangada also did not show anything special in her film career. Now Chitrangada does not have any film, but she also earns money by making an event. Chitrangada charges 15 to 18 lakh rupees for an event. 15 lakhs for becoming a guest at the wedding and 18 lakh rupees for performing.

4. Gauhar Khan

The Big Boss winner and often seen in Punjabi films, Gauhar Khan was very famous at one time. Now neither Gauhar has any film nor any reality show. By performing in the event, Gauhar earns Rs 6 lakh to 12 lakh rupees.

5. Neha Dhupia

These days, Neha Dhupia is simultaneously judging and hosting several reality shows. To go to an event, Neha charges Rs 6 to 8 lakhs and gets 7-10 lakh rupees for going to be a guest at a wedding. At the same time, they get 12 to 15 lakh rupees.

Apart from these actresses, there are many actresses who are making money from many walks of life. Referring to them again.
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