Ajit Doval: 11 Facts You Must Know About The ‘James Bond Of India’


Ajit Doval: Ajit Doval played a key role in combating terrorism and insurgency in India’s Punjab and Mizoram states. Over a 28-year period, he was involved in the discussions for well over 15 hijackings of Indian Airlines.

Ajit Doval Education

A Kerala Cadre IPS officer from the 1968 batch was the brains behind India’s ‘offensive defence’ in reaction to Pakistan’s terror strike. Ajit Kumar Doval is the Indian Prime Minister’s fifth and current National Security Adviser (NSA). Ajit Doval is widely regarded as India’s “James Bond.” Ajit Doval is a former Indian intelligence and law enforcement officer who retired from the Indian Police Services (IPS) Kerala cadre.

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He has various distinguished achievements and records to his name as a result of his outstanding service to date. Here are some interesting facts about Ajit Doval that you should know as he turns 77 today.

ajit doval age

Ajit Kumar Doval was born on January 20, 1945, into a Garhwali family in Ghiri Banelsyun village in Pauri Garhwal. His father, Major Gunananda Doval, was an Indian Army officer.

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Ajit Doval attended King George’s Royal Indian Military School (now Ajmer Military School) in Ajmer, Rajasthan, for his education. He earned a Master’s degree in Economics from Agra University in 1967. Doval received an honorary doctorate in science from Agra University in December 2017.

‘Indian James Bond’

Ajit Doval joined the Indian Police Service in 1968 and took part in anti-insurgency operations in Punjab and Mizoram.

Ajit Doval

According to police records, the IPS officer known as the “Indian James Bond” worked at Thalassery for a short time between January 2, 1972, and June 9, 1972.

According to seasoned police sources, Doval, who was then the ASP in Kottayam, was handed the assignment by then-home minister K Karunakaran as a junior officer with only three years of experience.

Despite the fact that the Thalassery riot, in which the RSS was accused of targeting Muslims and their mosques and the CPM came to the Muslim community’s rescue, lasted only a few days after it began on December 28, 1971, Karunakaran wanted to prevent it from escalating further, so the young IPS officer was assigned the duty.

He did, however, work at Thalassery for five months before joining the central service, which launched his career as the “Indian James Bond.”

Ajit Doval Crucial role in Kandahar hijack Resolving

One of the three negotiators in the release of passengers from the hijacked Indian plane IC-814 in Kandhar in 1999 was Ajit Doval.

Undercover operative in Pakistan

Ajit Doval, who retired as Director of the Intelligence Bureau in January 2005, spent seven years in Pakistan’s Lahore, posing as a Muslim. He befriended locals visiting mosques and lived among the mostly Muslim populace throughout his years in the nation. Ajit Doval, a master of psychological welfare, also spied on Pakistan’s intelligence organisation, ISI, as part of his work.

Operation Blue Star

Operation Blue Star, which was carried out in 1984 to put a stop to the Khalistani uprising, is another example of Doval’s brilliance in obtaining critical intelligence for the operation.

Fifth National Security Advisor 

On May 30, 2014, Doval was named as India’s fifth National Security Advisor, following his retirement. He secured the safe rescue of 46 Indian nurses who were stranded in a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq, in July 2014.

The brain behind Pakistan airstrike

He is well-known for leading a conceptual shift in India’s national security strategy toward Pakistan. From Defensive to Defensive Offensive to Double Squeeze Strategy, India’s national security policy has evolved. According to accounts, he was the mastermind behind the 2016 Indian strikes in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir.

Youngest police officer

For his exemplary service, Ajit Doval was the youngest police officer to receive a Police Medal. After serving in the police force for six years, he was recognised with an award.

Ajit Doval – First police officer to receive Kirti Chakra

Ajit Doval Receiving Kirti Chakra

In 1998, he was awarded the Kirti Chakra, the highest gallantry award. He was the first police officer to win this award, which had previously only been presented to military personnel.

Because of Ajit Doval’s strategic vision, India’s defence policy is now more polished, sharper, and more powerful, and all of these facts make him a truly brilliant strategist as well as a well-deserving guy to be the nation’s National Security Advisor.