Meet Alka Bhatia, Akshay Kumar Billionaire Sister Who Stay Away From Limelight


Alka Bhatia is Akshay Kumar’s sister and the Bollywood industry’s Khiladi. Despite the fact that Akshay has been in the spotlight for decades, her sister has stayed out of it. Her marriage to an entrepreneur catapulted her into the spotlight.

Know some of the lesser-known facts about Alka Bhatia, Akshay Kumar’s sister!

Alka Bhatia was born in the state of Punjab

Akshay Kumar and Alka Bhatia are the children of her father Hari Om Bhatia and his mother Aruna Bhatia. Her father died 17 years ago, and Aruna, her mother, lives in London.

Akshay Kumar with mother Aruna Bhatia and sister Alka Bhatia. ClapnumberHindi/Twitter

Akshay Kumar Sister Alka Bhatia Made headlines when got married to 15 years older Surender Hiranandani

When Alka Bhatia married Surender Hiranandani in 2012, she made headlines. He is the co-founder and managing director of Hiranandani Group, a real estate company mogul. Surender is 15 years her senior, and this came as a shock to everyone. He married Alka after a year of divorce from his first wife, Priti, with whom he had three children.

Akshay Kumar initially objected to Alka’s decision to marry Surendra

According to rumours, Akshay Kumar was not pleased with Alka’s 15-year-old boyfriend Surendra Hiranandani marrying him. It was most likely due to their significant age difference. After being persuaded by his family, Akshay finally gave his approval. All of the wedding events were enjoyed by the actor.


Alka Bhatia husband Surendra Hiranandani is among the richest Indians

Surendra Hiranandani has a net worth of $1.29 billion, according to Forbes. Hiranandani Group’s managing director and co-founder. When he handed up his Indian citizenship to become a citizen of Cyprus, an island republic in the Eastern Mediterranean, he made headlines.


Alka had produced a Bollywood movie named Fugly (2014)


Alka is a camera shy person, but she made a video for her brother on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The video, titled ‘Direct Dil Se,’ has gone popular online.

Alka complimented Akshay for his commitment to women’s empowerment, emphasising the significance of empowering women rather than protecting them.

Below are some pictures of Akshay Kumar’s Gorgeous Sister Alka Bhatia

Akshay Kumar Sister looks stunning

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