Amazing Jobs: 10 Amazing Jobs in The World That Will Make You To Quit Your Job


The definition of employment has changed these days; it was enjoyable earlier, but things have become really stressful now. It takes a toll on your health sometimes, and all you want is to have a healthy and amazing career, right? You may be sick with your routine, but some very fortunate people have the best jobs in the world! You’re mistaken if you think the words “Amazing” and “Jobs” don’t go together. Have a look at this list of incredible work that will make you feel jealous.

1. Beer Taster

If you love to drink beer glasses after glasses, it’s just for you. The role consists of sampling the various beers and offering recommendations. We want to explain one thing here; to drink them one after the other, you need to have strong and efficient stamina.

Salary package: $42,000 approx  (Rs 31 lakhs approx)

2. Island caretaker

This is officially recognized as the world’s best job with the task of promoting the Great Barrier Reef Islands to the world. Basically, diving, snorkeling, mixing with locals, and keeping a blog and photo diary is part of the work. This deal had a period of 6 months and included return airfare and lodging.

Salary: Up to $300,000 per year. (Rs. 2,19,27,675.00)

3. Chocolate taster

Who does not dream of being in a chocolate-filled world? Chocolate consultants operate in a range of industries ranging from different high street chocolate brands to several more types of niches. All they need to do is continue to eat chocolates and provide truthful reviews. They don’t have a separate responsibility.

Salary: $60,000 per year (Rs. 43,85,535.00)

4. Professional sleeper

A professional sleeper needs to pay for several different roles; sometimes, a sleeper is expected to monitor brain function and heart rate while sleeping, while sometimes it is necessary to test duvets, mattresses, and beds.

Salary: $15,000 per year (Rs. 10,96,383.75)

5. Professional zombie

This career is for individuals who love to frighten others. At present, the London Dungeons Experience hires 50 workers to dress up as the living dead and scare the tourists around them. Haha, this is a nice experience for sure, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want a work that includes too many pranks?

Salary package: $54.73 (Rs 4000) for 8 hours.

6. Water slide tester

To test the slides that would further guarantee the tourists a better and water splash holiday, you need to fly to sunny destinations.

Salary package: $25000 (Rs. 18,27,306.25)

7. Netflix tagger

Netflix hires individuals called taggers who have part-time jobs who are paying to watch live TV shows and movies. You’re going to need to tag them with the genre, the actors involved, and various other points. This allows Netflix to strengthen its algorithm and, according to their preferences, suggest users. Chill and Netflix! Could that possibly be the world’s coolest job?

Salary: A few hundred dollars per week.

8. C0nd0m tester

Did you know, Australians over the age of 18 who could apply for one of 200 positions as a c0nd0m tester were recruited by Durex marketing manager Sam White? All those guys had a fair chance of having fun with girls; they had to search the c0nd0ms later on.

Salary package: $28730.82 (Rs 21 lakhs)

9. Rented Boyfriend

Yes, you’re being paid to behave like a boyfriend. With hundreds of thousands of friends from around the world available for hire, there is a website called Be with and get paid kids, LOL!

Salary package: $46.90 (Rs 3428) per hour

10. Vacation pro

If you love to travel and don’t have to go to places with a lot of money, then this job is definitely for you. Tourism companies employ experts to help them develop all the stuff that can be encountered during a holiday to prevent any issues for customers who pay for services.

Salary: $20,000 (Rs. 14,61,845.00) per year

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