Amber Heard Has ‘Quit Hollywood’ And ‘Moved To Spain’ To Get ‘Away From All The Noise’


According to reports, Amber Heard has left Hollywood behind and moved to Spain’s sunny capital with her kid.

The Aquaman actor is said to have established roots in Madrid and has no immediate plans to return to Los Angeles, having put the horrifying court case against her ex-husband behind her.

Amber Heard testified that Johnny Depp was physically and sexually violent towards her during their relationship and marriage. Credit: Alamy

Who could blame her for needing space when Depp’s picture Jeanne du Barry, which will start the French film festival, is set to become the talk of Cannes, recent artwork sales, and a book in progress?

Heard has discovered some tranquilly in Europe, far from the glittering lights of Hollywood, according to a pal who talked to the Daily Mail on her behalf.

Credit: Instagram/@amberheard

She is raising her daughter away from all the ruckus and is content there, according to the source, who is fluent in Spanish.

She may not be in a rush to return to her job or Hollywood, but she will likely do so when the right project and the appropriate moment are present. After Depp won his defamation case against her in Virginia after she claimed she was a victim of domestic violence, Heard did fade from the public eye.

A month or two after the court case was over, Heard, 37, sold her house in Yucca Valley, California. Since then, she hasn’t been seen or heard from—at least not in Hollywood.

The Times stated in October that she had been residing in a little village in Mallorca where she had been observed. Calamity Jane is an old-West American sharpshooter, and her real name is Martha Jane Cannary.

According to the El Diario de Mallorca, “the choice of this identity, which appears at the entrance of her new Mallorcan home, draws much attention, especially as Johnny Depp always maintained that his family can trace their roots to ancient Native American tribes and that his great-great-grandmother was Cherokee.”


The greatest of the Balearic Islands’ most touristic cities are colonised by thousands of foreigners, according to the Spanish newspaper El Pas, and Amber Heard does not stand out among them.

In a sea of English-speaking tourists, the actress is hiding as a visitor, t continued.

However, according to the Daily Mail’s source, she has given up her island life – likely as a result of the local media revealing her new identity – and has settled in Madrid with no immediate plans to leave.

Heard is aware that her time in Hollywood is up with Depp’s fans baying for her blood, according to a second insider who spoke to the National Enquirer via TheNews. The bulk of A-listers are solidly on Depp’s side, the source claimed, and the most influential people are lining up to cast him.

She intends to start over with her daughter and reinvent herself by relocating to a country like Spain.

The unmistakably pro-Depp source continued, “She can see herself living in Spain, where no one accuses her of being a conniving liar, but she won’t get away with trying to run from justice.”