Anand Mahindra Reacts After RJ Purkhaa Makes Fun Of Mahindra XUV700


The chairman of the Indian multinational conglomerate Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, is a major player in the automotive sector.

Mahindra, though, stands apart from other businesspeople in part because of his extensive social media engagement. Fans were frequently won over by his enthusiasm to interact with them. He frequently shares fascinating articles and videos, replies to tweets and messages, and tweets back. He occasionally even presents job openings to those who grab his attention.

He makes use of his position to raise awareness of social issues and programmes while showcasing and promoting the Mahindra Group’s cutting-edge products and technology. Anand Mahindra is unique in that he welcomes criticism, although the bulk of individuals does not.

Mahindra not only viewed constructive criticism as fair but also gave the critic praise. Anand Mahindra recently brought one of his product’s detractors to his design studio, and something similar transpired.


Anand Mahindra invites a female RJ to his design lab after reading her humorous review of the XUV700

Recently, the CEO of Mahindra Company showed his appreciation for Purkhaa, a Radio Mirchi RJ. Mahindra notices Purkhaa since she has shared a video online. She used humour to illustrate the XUV700’s attributes in her video. Mahindra and Mahindra. She gave them new names with other meanings, which produced amusing results instead of utilising their traditional names.

She made a hilarious comparison between the audio resume button and the resume section of a job application. In addition, she suggested using “Cruise” to reserve a cruise ship rather than the car’s cruise control.

Mirchi RJ Purkhaa/Facebook

The ‘Set’ button, according to Purkhaa, signified being with someone. referring to the driver’s seat memory feature. She describes it as counting instruction for kids.

Additionally, she confused the climate control “Auto” button for ordering an autorickshaw and “Mode” for “modein.” In Hindi, it implies spinning the wheel and “Seek” as in “seek kebab” and “seek paneer kebab.”

She even referred to the “SRC” button, which stands for “source” for audio, as “sarak,” which is Arabic for moving the occupants of the back seat. She used the word “sauce” to describe the button that opens the sunglass holder above the windscreen to add humour. Later, she was observed removing a packet of ketchup from the holder.

Finally, she amusingly explained that the seatbelt release button with the word “Press” inscribed on it refers to journalism rather than unbuckling the seatbelt.

RJ Purkhaa’s funny review quickly gained popularity on social media and was seen by Anand Mahindra.

Mahindra was so taken with the movie that he asked Purkhaa to visit his company’s design studio and make suggestions for the next car models.

Along with the video, Anand wrote,

“I must have received this post over a zillion times. I plan to invite this automobile expert @RJ_Purkhaa to our design studio so that she can give us inputs for the interior design of all our future vehicles!@BosePratap.”

Online interest in Mahindra’s tweet acknowledging the video has been strong.

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