AR Rahman Tells His Wife ‘Don’t Speak In Hindi At An Award Show, Video Goes Viral


One of the nation’s most well-liked and gifted musicians, AR Rahman, has recently captured the spotlight, but for all the wrong reasons. The artist has always stated how much he cherishes Tamil. Additionally, he frequently discussed the imposition of the Hindi language, which didn’t sit well with the supporters.


AR Rahman stopped his wife from speaking Hindi

Recently, while attending an award event with his wife, he was back at it when he told Saira Banu to speak in Tamil instead of Hindi.

Saira Banu

You did read that correctly. The renowned singer and his wife Saira Banu recently went to an awards ceremony in Chennai. The host asked Saira to speak briefly on stage during the programme. Saira was seen holding an award in a video posted on Twitter. AR Rahman spoke to Saira in Tamil as she stood next to him.

“I don’t like to watch my interviews again. She keeps playing again and again and watching because she loves my voice.”

As he stated this, Saira Banu simply grinned. The anchor then requested Saira to speak for a short time. Before Saira could speak to the crowd, AR Rahman informed her,

“Don’t talk in Hindi, speak in Tamil.”

To this, Saira closed her eyes and said,

“Oh my God.”

She added:

“Good evening everyone. Sorry, I can’t speak fluently in Tamil. So, please excuse me. I am super, super happy and excited because his voice is my favourite. I fell in love with his voice. That’s all I can say.”

For those who are unaware, AR Rahman married Saira Banu in 1995. Their three children, Khatija, Raheema, and Ameen, make them proud parents.

You can watch the viral video below

On a separate occasion, the well-known vocalist Madhushree recently won three prizes in a row for her song Mallipoo from the Tamil movie Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu. The amazing singer took to her social media to share her joy, writing:

“Hattrick Anana Davikatan awards on March 30, Behindwoods Gold Icons awards on April 1, JFW awards on April 2 for Mallipoo song in Chennai.”

The tweet was quickly noticed by AR Rahman, who then quickly came up with a response. While he praised the singer for her accomplishment, he didn’t hold back from mocking her by sharing a link to a page on Quora that asked, “What is the fastest way to learn Tamil?”