12 Most Beautiful Houses Of Bollywood Celebrities. Sunil Shetty Is The Real Boss


Bollywood stars are acknowledged for their sumptuous lifestyle. They spend their income on making their houses the best. we’ve got compiled a listing of 12 Bollywood celebrities who have first-class houses. The décor is a super mix of fashion, ardour, and unicity.

Jay Bhanushali House

Jay Bhanushali’s House

Hate story hero Jay has a stunning house on the 39th ground in a Mumbai apartment. it is the perfect mix of minimalist white and modern colourations. We simply love his residence.

Jay Bhanushali’s Mumbai House

Deepika Padukone’s House

The Bollywood diva owns the home that lives up to her popularity. The indoors are adorned with Buddhist artefacts and playful furniture. It provides a strong point to her domestic that suits her character.

Deepika Padukone living room

Although, Deepika Padukone’s interior designer Vinita Chaitanya describes this house as “Deepika in a Sari. Modern and traditional.”

Deepika Padukone’s House

It costs her about Rs. 16 Crore and her father, Prakash Padukone, in joint ownership.

Speaking of her home design, she said that-” I knew what I wanted and what I didn’t want, I was always looking around – I would submit Vinita in the middle of the night if I saw anything that I liked. AD was my investigation.

Deepika Padukone’s House

She has all the elements that she needed and design. And, we must say it’s a very classy choice for this girl.

Arjun Kapoor’s House

Arjun Kapoor has made it large within Bollywood with his big hits and he rewarded himself with a great house. he’s a bachelor and it impacts the way his house looks.

“I shoot most of the time, so I don’t spend much time at home,” says the actor who likes to lock himself up in his room when he’s at home. His house’s walls are lined with paintings that he says were love for his mom (late artist Mona Kapoor). “She is responsible for all the decoration of the interior. I wouldn’t want it to change, “he smiles. As he takes us to every nook and cranny of his personal room, we get to see the fiery debutant having a different side.

Arjun Kapoor’s House

“I plunged myself so much food into the dining table just for this shot. Otherwise, I would never have dinner at my dining table. I eat mostly in my own room. We used to have a tradition of getting our meals at the table together. Now everyone’s busy with their respective lives, of course.

Arjun Kapoor’s House

“I have a huge movie set. Such films are the ones that characterize my formative years. They inspired me to become interested in acting. Movies such as Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Grab, Shawshank Redemption, City of God, A Fish Named Wanda and Hindi films such as Mr India and Andaaz Apna Apna.

Arjun Kapoor’s House

“My mum and sister (Anshula) built the entire house. I asked them to stay away and let me manage my ‘den’.

Dia Mirza’s House

Dia Mirza’s House

Her stunning house has a chic antique appearance similar to the actress herself. exquisite woodwork and lots of greenery give it a warm vibe. It has its very own captivating elegance.

Dia Mirza ImageDia Mirza Instagram

Dia Mirza Husband – Dia Mirza Marriage

She became engaged to her longtime business partner Sahil Sangha in April 2014, and they were married on the outskirts of Delhi on 18 October 2014 at her husband’s farmhouse in Chattarpur. Mirza announced their split in August 2019.

Dia Mirza kids – Dia Mirza And Sahil Sangha


She married her longtime beautiful filmmaker, Sahil Sangha in Delhi on October 18, 2014, and the couple declared their separation on August 1, 2019.

Dia Mirza Religion

Dia Mirza is genetically half German and half Hindu Bengali, and parentage half Muslim. Dia Mirza uses the surname of her step-father Mirza, and recently added her father’s surname Frank Handrich and is now named Dia Mirza Handrich.

Sunil shetty house – House of sunil shetty

Sunil Shetty’s excursion home in Khandala has grown to become heads all over for its amazing layout. vintage furniture, artefacts, and herbal greenery make it very appealing. It indicates that they have got placed thought into the fashion of residence.

Suniel Shetty Khandala House – ©Photo Source: YouTube/ STARS Breaking News
Suniel Shetty Khandala House

Sunil Shetty House In Mumbai

Suniel Shetty Khandala House
Suniel Shetty Khandala House

Sunil Shetty House Mumbai

Suniel Shetty Khandala House
Suniel Shetty Khandala House
Suniel Shetty Khandala House
Suniel Shetty Khandala House

Alia Bhatt House

Her house is as magnificent because of the lovely actress herself.

Alia Bhatt’s House Pic

It represents her as she is, a free lively younger lady. a laugh and brilliant colourations with artistic endeavours make the bedroom very attractive colours, inclusive purple, lavender, and blue are used to lighten up the room. It really displays her loose spirit.

Alia Bhatt’s House

Alia Bhatt House Pic

Alia Bhatt House In Mumbai

Alia Bhatt Mumbai House

John Abraham’s House

His domestic is smooth, current and edgy which creams style and glamour.

It was completed with the aid of John’s brother Alan Abraham. it’s far a 4000fr villa that overlooks the Arabian sea.

The layout displays his magnificence.

The 4,000-square-foot penthouse ‘Villa in the Sky’ is situated on the 7th and 8th floors of a Bandra West residential building. Abraham John’s design team, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, and Anahita Shivdasani have merged two older apartments into one new, spacious two-level flat with a terrace.


The high-tech, glass-walled media room on top blurs the boundary between indoors and outdoors to expand the sense of space in the home: it offers beautiful sea views, as well as a spacious wooden deck with a skylight and a garden terrace.


The kitchen is situated in the home’s southeast corner, not only making it Vastu-compliant but also ensuring the morning natural light bathes the apartment. The kitchen island, built of solid stainless steel, is ultra-modern in style. The kitchen is the main gathering area of the house, along with the living and dining areas, which are beautifully laid out for dinner parties and entertainment.


Shah Rukh Khan House

His 150 crore belongings ‘Mannat’ is a perfect artwork.

The bungalow has a living room, offices, guest rooms, a massive library, a gym, an amusement room and additionally a basement car park.

sumptuous , mansion, condominium, residence , woodwork, excursion, antique

Shah Rukh Khan initially wanted to call it “Jannat;” however, all his wishes were fulfilled/came true once he bought it, so he named it “Mannat.”

As an interior designer, Gauri Khan played a pivotal role in transforming this bungalow into a masterpiece with a neoclassical style, sleek and elegant interiors with art in every corner, along with her furniture designer Tom Dixon.

This bungalow facing the sea has become a seaside landmark in the city, and a tourist spot.

It is actually so broad that only 225 people will reside inside it. 

shahrukh khan Dubai house

This 6-story building is an expansion of the bungalow with a large living room, library, gym, swimming pool, office, guest space, entertainment space, car parking area in the basement, boxing ring, table tennis table, lush lawns spread out in front of the house, large French windows and more.

Inside Shah Rukh Khan’s house, the drawing room looks like nothing less than a French castle.

He’s a workaholic and has an office at home.

Walls inside the living room seem deliberately incomplete. Gauri Khan designs the interiors exclusively … and one has to say she nailed it.

The massive library of King Khan reveals he’s a bookworm, who likes to read biographies and poetry.

The King has his own gym where he likes pull-up chains, dumbbell vibrating, and spinning push-up bar grips.

Amitabh Bachchan’s House

He has two homes, Prateeksha and Jalsa which cost seventy-five crores and a hundred and sixty crore respectively. Prateeksha is the first residence offered by the superstar and it’s far very famous. Jalsha is the residence of 10, one hundred twenty-five sq. toes, wherein the entire family now stays. They meet lovers outdoors each Sunday.

Salman Khan’s House

Salman has been residing in his apartment considering his early days and shared it with his mother and father and sister Arpita till she didn’t get married. It turned into renovated in 2013.

Salman Khan’s House

In “Galaxy Houses” Salman Khan and his parents live in two homes. This building is situated in Bandra (West), Mumbai, at the beginning of the Bandstand (“Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Road”).

On the first floor live the parents of Salman Khan, Salim Khan and Salma Khan (“Sushila Charak”). Salman Khan lives on the ground floor of Galaxy Apartments in a small 1 Bedroom-Kitchen-Hall (BHK) flat.

The one BHK house in Salman Khan has an “L”-shaped living-cum-dining-room. There is a small open kitchen that is partitioned by a 4-foot glass wall from the dining room.

Salman Khan’s bedroom is a bed-dominated, 170 to 190 sq ft space. The apartment at Salman has one bathroom.

Amir Khan’s House

Amir left his ancestral residence in Pali Hill called Bella Vista condominium to stay in Bandra. He lives with his spouse and sons. The house lives as much as his Mr Perfectionist title.

Amir Khan’s House

Saif Ali Khan’s House

Saif is the 10th Nawab of the former princely kingdom of Pataudi. he is the son of Mansoor Ali Khan. He lives in his ancestral mansion.

Saif Ali Khan’s House