20 Best South Indian Movies Every Movie Buff Should Watch


Best South Indian Movies: These films deliver on their promise of amusement. We can all agree that every now and then, we appreciate a decent dubbed or subtitled version of a South Indian film. When we discuss a South Indian film, we frequently only have high-intensity dance, action, and masala in our minds. Numerous film businesses are actively making movies in the regional languages of south India. These local industries are booming and are creating films that are both commercially successful and critically acclaimed. One could argue that every other successful Bollywood film is a remake of a South Indian film. Let’s have a look at a few of the top South Indian films that every movie fan should see at least once in their lifetime!

Best South Indian Movies List 2023 Every Movie Buff Should Watch

1. Asuran

Asuran, one of the best movies of 2019, tells the tale of a farmer whose son kills an upper-caste landlord out of retaliation. The outstanding aspect of this tense and gloomy drama is Dhanush’s performance, which earned him the National Award for Best Actor.

2. 3 (Moonu)

The song Kolaveri Di swept the internet a decade ago. This film included a song that was really infectious. However, this film provides much more than just this song. Even after seeing some parts repeatedly, I still get shivers from Dhanush’s superb performance, and Shruti Hassan is also outstanding. This movie is both a gripping psychological thriller and a romantic comedy. Saying anything further would ruin the fun, but this movie is worth seeing, I promise.

3. Bahubali

This S.S. Rajamouli marvel may be summed up in one word: big. Unaware of his heritage, a guy by the name of Shiva discovers his past. Suspense, action, romance—this film has it all in what comes next. A movie of epic scope is Bahubali. This film has it all, from the plot to the acting to the breathtaking moments.

4. 96

After 22 long years, Ram and Janu, two high school sweethearts, reunite during a reunion. You will wish for their reconciliation as they reflect on their relationship’s history and deal with their feelings in this film. They do? To find out, you must see the film. The most admirable aspect of this film is how authentic and truthful it is. Just pure art—no excessively sensual music or exaggerated displays of passion.

5. Dasavathaaram

In this film, Kamal Hassan portrays ten different personas. You read correctly. A scientist tries everything in his power to avert a catastrophe when a bioweapon is accidentally released in a nation with billions of inhabitants.

6. Sivaji

It is challenging to write about South Indian films without mentioning Rajinikanth. Unquestionably one of the most enjoyable and well-known films ever made is Sivaji. An NRI philanthropist returns to India with the intention of helping his fellow citizens, but crooked politicians thwart his good deeds.

7. Chandramukhi

Chandramukhi, a horror-comedy that has been recreated numerous times, is a South Indian film that tells the tale of a dancer’s ghost who becomes trapped in an old palace. However, the protagonist and heroine don’t actually believe in ghosts, therefore to solve the riddle they see a psychiatrist (Rajinikanth).

8. Magadheera

Magadheera, another creation of S. S. Rajamouli, is a fantasy movie that links the protagonists’ present life to 400-year-old previous lives. This film was remade in 2017 as Raabta in Bollywood.

9. Arya

Allu Arjun became the star he is today because of the film Arya. This series’ movies, songs, and performances have all achieved enormous popularity. A love triangle serves as the basis for both films.

10. Drishyam

How far would someone go to protect their family? The plot of this film is highly innovative and brilliant. A simple family film becomes a suspenseful crime drama that will have you on the edge of your seat. This movie’s originality has made room for several translations into different languages.

11. Lucifer

This Malayalam film tells the tale of a power struggle between two forces that occurs following the passing of the state’s chief minister. For all fans of south Indian cinema, this political thriller featuring Mohanlal is a must-watch.

12. K.G.F.

One of the most well-liked South Indian films out there is this period drama, which was released in 2018 and has a sizable fan base eagerly awaiting a sequel. A man sets out to amass fortune and power in order to grant his dying mother’s final wish.

13. C U Soon

A software programmer does his best to find his cousin’s lost fiancée. One of the top films of 2020 is this fast-paced thriller. Definitely worth watching.

14. Mayanadi

After killing a police officer, Maathen made the decision to see his lover before fleeing the nation permanently. This ends up being his second biggest error in life.

15. Ratsasan

This psychological crime thriller in Tamil depicts a policeman who tracks down a crazy serial killer who preys on young girls in schools. This south Indian film, which has an IMDB rating of 8.5, is among the best ones produced recently.

16. Thani Oruvan

In this thriller, Siddharth Abhimanyu, a dishonest scientist, is being pursued by a morally upright IPS officer. It’s incredibly intriguing and fascinating to watch the two clash.

17. Vada Chennai

In this film, Dhanush plays a skilled carrom player who mediates gangster disputes. But as they threaten to wreck his neighbourhood, he rebels against the same gangsters. This movie has an 8.5 IMDb rating and is worth watching.

18. Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

To locate Kasi’s sweetheart, Suni and Kasi set out on a trek to Nagaland. However, this is not only a movie about a road trip. It subtly calms your soul and aids in your personal development, which is something you might not initially expect from a movie.

19. Pariyerum Perumal

This movie, which has an 8.8 IMDb rating, is a captivating love story. Jothi, a member of a higher caste, develops feelings for Pariyan, a member of a lower caste. Chaos and conflict ensue, leaving the spectator to reflect on the evil that still persists in society.

20. Super Deluxe

You shouldn’t miss the trip that is Super Deluxe, the best film on our list. Any commentary on this film would just ruin the experience. However, the premise is simply too excellent, and the performances are simply outstanding. Please, just watch it.

This marks the conclusion of our list of the top south Indian films. Which of your favourite films from South India did we leave out? Please share with us in the comments area.