14 Body Parts That Reveal Your Intelligence


We’ve always heard that the myth is good for people wearing glasses. There may be some truth to this, according to a report by the University of Edinburgh. There are many ways in which the body features of a person can influence how intelligent they are, according to science. Some are more impressive than others. We might have been right about being smart about people wearing glasses, but let’s just say a lot of other assumptions are totally wrong.

1. Being tall

Often, older people are smarter than shorter individuals. Being tall helps to give people status, according to one theory, so historically taller people had more opportunities for leadership, allowing them to gain more access to information. We would then pass on to their kids their height and rank. Older people tend to have better jobs, enabling them to educate children better, who are likely to inherit their height and continue the cycle.

2. Larger breasts

People with bigger breasts tend to have higher intelligence, according to one report. Not only did it appear that women with larger breasts were the smartest overall, but women with big breasts were also shown to be smarter than women with small breasts. This should serve as a reminder that a grain of salt should always take stereotypes.

3. Blue eyes

Blue eyes may display a high intellect. Many well-known brainiacs, like Stephen Hawking and Marie Curie, had blue eyes. In blue eyes, light penetrates more than brown eyes, having less pigment than brown eyes. This can, however, also make the eyes more sensitive to light.

4. A big head

While there is a debate about how much intelligence contributes to the size of the brain, having a big head can make you smarter, but not for the reasons you think. Lower brain neuron density can help your brain to function effectively.

5. A broad forehead

Getting a broad front is a sign of intelligence and ability, according to the Chinese face reading tradition. They are also generally believed to be able to complete tasks earlier and do not usually need to explain things to them.

6. Lack of ear symmetry

One study found that people who are less symmetrical, such as those who have an earlobe or finger longer than their counterpart, make better leaders and can avoid self-interest. The reactions of people to these abnormal parts of the body can cause them to develop stability.

7. Thin, smiling lips

Men may not often use balm or make-up to show off their lips, but they may still make a statement. Scientists believe that a man can appear smarter with small, smiling lips. Sad lips have been taken as a sign that people are less than wise. While it’s unclear how corelative this was, people have grown to remember this feature implicitly over time.