Body Positive Influencer Discloses The Secrets Behind Unrealistic Instagram Pics.


Who needs to hear this, I don’t know, but what you see on Instagram is NOT true. Unless it’s pet memes — those accurately represent what the cats really look like in that situation.

In all seriousness, the pictures of thirst traps and body goals dominating Instagram are not real! No one’s body is 100 per cent of their time flawless. Communicating for Instagram influencer Danae Mercer that became her entire social media mission.

Meet Danae!

She is an influencer who has a passion for showing the world Instagram’s true truth. She’s outspoken about eating disorders, target weights, and other problems that social media affect all of us.

Expectations vs truth is a real matter. She also wanted to explain how various techniques will modify an image for this essay. See how the light flatters the curves of the rounder, and how posture can change the look of a person? This is just the distortion!

Those shots on swimsuits are all about how you pose.

Arching your back and toes smooth out any cellulite you may have, but the fact is your cellulite has nothing wrong with it! It’s 80 per cent of women!

Over the course of the day, our bodies change seriously.

“Body acceptance teaches us that we’re all worth Compassion even on our bad days-because we ‘re going to have bad days, even Lizzo has bad days,” she wrote.

She has a lot of ideas on Diet Culture too.

And tbh, I agree with every one of them.

“It’s so pervasive that it seems natural. Even though there’s a PANDEMIC but somehow WEIGHT LOSS has become the subject we see it NOW.”


Cellulite is nothing but a part of life.

Odds are, you got it! And this is fine. Danae speaks about how she started her road to body positivity in her 20’s through counselling. She found the beauty in her stretch marks.