10 Times Bollywood Award Categories Were So Strange, They Deserved A Separate Trophy


I used to watch all of the Bollywood awards shows from beginning to end when I was younger, and I apologize profusely. See, I wasn’t promoting anything that would only get worse over time. And that they’ll start producing bizarre award categories like “I am more than a star, I am a galaxy” (which isn’t a real thing but maybe). To trust me, read the following passage.

1. Nothing To Hide award – 2017

Didn’t we respect Kriti Sanon in 2016 for having nothing to hide? You have no idea what I’m talking about? They gave her an award for it because she was so good at it (jk, it was brand endorsement).

You can watch the award presentation video here. It always makes me laugh how they don’t announce the winner.

2. Best Silent and Powerful Performance (OTT) – 2021

Since it doesn’t seem to be an either-or case, I don’t believe there was much rivalry in this group. Your performance must first be quiet, accompanied by a strong performance. Bobby should be proud of himself.

3. The ‘Beauty’ section of the Lux Golden Rose awards – 2017

So the beauty division of the Lux Golden Rose Awards 2017 had a number of odd sub-categories. Versatile Beauty, Charismatic Beauty, Unstoppable Beauty, Emerging Beauty, Power-Packed Beauty, Timeless Beauty, and Legendary Beauty were among the categories.

Basically, they inserted every possible adjective before the word beauty.

4. I Am More Than You Can See award – 2017

What speech do you give after you’ve won? Simply ridiculous!

5. Best Superstar of Next Gen – 2016

Who is the ‘best superstar’ in comparison to? What are the conditions? Even, what about the next generation? Are we now in the prediction business? I’m bursting at the seams with inquiries!

6. Most Beautiful Man of the Decade – 2017

Akshay Kumar won this award from Vogue at one of their events. I don’t see why they’d do this unless they wanted Twinkle Khanna to write something about it.

Which she did, as I just heard (literally 2 seconds ago). She forced Akshay to give a speech that she had penned. Hey, I’m getting the hang of it.

7. 20 Years Best Actor (Male and Female) – 2019

How do you give an award to two famous people who have recently married? Only make one up. Before ‘best actor,’ add any amount of years. Best actor for 20 years, best actor for ten years, and best actor for 2.5 years. Man, IIFA

Source: My Good Times

8. Beauty Tastemaker award – 2019

9. Honorary Millennial of the Year – 2019

This award was won by Karan Johar, which is interesting because if he made a film for award shows, this is exactly what I’d expect it to be called.

10. Extraordinary Legend award – 2018

One question remains: how do you assess which legend is more “extraordinary” than the other? Is there a set of rules in place, or can people do whatever they want? Don’t think about it.