11 Bollywood Celebrities & Their Real-Life Ghost Encounters That Will Definitely Spook You Out


9. Ram Gopal Varma saw someone walking beside his bed     

Ram Gopal Varma got so much attached to his ghostly character Manjeet, who was a ghost in his film ‘Bhoot’, that he saw him walking beside his bed after wrapping the 3 AM shoot. He said that she heard the footsteps but there was nobody.

“The director in me was telling me Manjeet couldn’t be there. But the man in me was insisting that he was.”

10. Someone passed through Neil Nitin Mukesh!

While shooting for a horror flick 3G, the light boy on the sets came running to him telling that he saw someone standing by his side who later passed right through him.

“So we were shooting at this one location which apparently is supposed to be haunted! And the unit boys did experience a presence. One of our light boys came running complaining that someone was standing by his side. And passed right through him. At first, we thought he was joking trying to create sensation but then when he sat trembling like a leaf Is when we sat and heard him out,” he had tweeted.

11. Karan Singh Grover

Karan Singh Grover says that although he doesn’t believe in ghosts, is while shooting for Alone, he actually had some supernatural experiences. “Some of the sequence are so real and so spooky that one actually starts feeling some presence around,” he said.