10 Bollywood Stars Who Couldn’t Complete Their Movies Due To Their Untimely De*ths

Bollywood star, death, popularity, massive, impact

While we expect that our actors will keep entertaining for as long as they could but the fact is that they are not immortal. In fact, none of us are. De*ths is something which is sure and unexpected in most of the cases.

So, Here are 10 actors from Bollywood who died before completing their film projects:

1. Jiah Khan

Bollywood star, death, popularity, massive, impact

As soon as we hear her name, goosebumps fill our mind and body because of the untimely De*ths of such a young actress. While her De*ths raised various suspicions like the involvement of her ex-boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi, we’re very sad to lose her. Before media coverage of her De*ths, in which she even left a ‘suicide’ note, one of the things few people know is that she was signed with Ranbir Kapoor for a film titled Aap Ka Saaya.

2. Divya Bharti 

Bollywood star, death, popularity, massive, impact

Her De*ths was more tragic and mysterious than Jiah Khan’s demise. Divya made us fall in love with her in the song ‘Aisi Deewangi‘ in which she romanced SRK. She fell off the balcony of her five-story apartment in Versova, while at her career’s ultimate peak. Her De*ths came as a shocker and it was when she had already completed 80% shooting for the film Laadla, which was replaced by actress SrideviShe was also replaced in several other movies like Mohra, Kartavya, Vijaypath etc.

3. Amrish Puri

The tough father from ‘DDLJ’ was undoubtedly one of Indian cinema’s finest actors. But, we lost ‘Mogambo’ aka Amrish Puri, at 72 years of age when he passed away due to cerebral hemorrhage. He was suffering from the disease for some time. The actor at that time wrapping up his shooting for his upcoming films like Kisna and Kachchi Sadak. ‘Mogambo’ khush Hua tha, but not us, after we lost you, Amrish Puri.

4. Smita Patil 

Bollywood star, death, popularity, massive, impact

Prateek Babar’s stunning mother Smita Patil, had established herself as a versatile artist in alternate Indian cinema. In her career span of 11 years, Smita won 2 National Awards and 3 Filmfare Awards in her kitty. She left a void in our hearts with her untimely De*ths in 1986. At that time, she left over 10 of her films which got released after her De*ths like Waaris, Akarshan, Galiyon Ka Badshah etc. Her romantic scene with husband Raj Babbar is still remembered fondly:


5. Madhubala 

Bollywood star, death, popularity, massive, impact

Indian cinema’s most beautiful actress was working on a directorial debut ‘Farz Aur Ishq’ before her De*ths. Often hailed as the ‘Maryln Monroe of India’, Madhubala was by far Bollywood’s most iconic female stars. This stunner only lived till the age of 36, leaving behind an array of unfinished projects. She left us mesmerised with her classical dance in ‘Pyar kiya toh darna kya‘ from the iconic film ‘Mughal-E-Azam’.

6. Guru Dutt

Bollywood star, death, popularity, massive, impact

Dharmendra had to replace this fine actor when he died at the age of just 39, for the film Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi, which also starred actress Mala SinhaGuru Dutt’s charm on screen was unmatched by any other actor. His disillusion by glamour world is said to have triggered his tragic De*ths in 1964 when he became a known alcoholic. His De*ths was suspected as ‘suicide’ or ‘overdose of sleeping pills’. Dutt ‘s body was found in his bed in his rented apartment at Pedder Road in Mumbai.


7. Sanjeev Kumar

Bollywood star, death, popularity, massive, impact

Sanjeev Kumar was an exceptional actor in every sense. Would you imagine that the legend Sanjeev was, had over 10 posthumous releases since his De*ths! His legacy was seen in films like Sholay, Angoor, and Pati, Patni Aur Woh. However, what most people don’t know, is that Sanjeev was born with a congenital heart condition which led to his early demise in 1985 at the age of 47. His performance in ‘Sholay‘ captured our hearts and we can’t forget this scene ever:

8. Amjad Khan 

While he was successful in chopping off Sanjeev Kumar”s hands in ‘Sholay’, Amjad Khan wasn’t that lucky to survive beyond that age of 52. In fact, the superbly genius actor received posthumous acclaim for Rudaali after his De*ths. His dialogue delivery and screen presence immortalized him in the role of Gabbar forever. He suffered a fatal heart failure that took his life in 1992. Amjad left several films which were released after his De*ths including Do Fantoosh and Aatank.

9. Rajesh Khanna 

Bollywood star, death, popularity, massive, impact

Rajesh Khanna was better known as Indian cinema’s first superstar. Fans from Spain would travel for hours, just to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor. Girls would commit suicide if he refused their marriage proposals – such was his charisma. However, after having done over a 100 movies, age and cancer finally took his life on July 18, 2012. He left behind two unreleased films: Riyasat and Jaanleva Black Blood. Can anyone forget this scene when he wipes off tears from the beautiful Sharmila’s face in ‘Amar Prem’?

10. Vivek Shauq 

Bollywood star, death, popularity, massive, impact

One of India’s finest actor passed away while working on Rajpal Yadav’s directorial debut ‘Ata Pata Laapata’. Vivek Shauq had seen many highs in his film career but was best known to wider audiences as Jaspal Bhatti’s comic associate in the legendary show Flop Show. His untimely De*ths in 2011 sent shock waves across the industry and his fans went into dismay. Not many know that Vivek was proficient in Urdu and a singer as well. At 47, he died of cardiac arrest in 2011 in Mumbai, leaving behind his wife and three children.

May these legends rest in peace. RIP to each of them who gave us a reason to smile before leaving us with a heavy heart.

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